Nursing Essays on Lifespan Care Process Exercise

Nursing Essays on Lifespan Care Process Exercise

Care process is the act of managing life difficulties and an effort to grant appropriate handling of the affected individuals. Often, it aims at improving the living conditions and alleviating life-threatening elements in a client’s family. In the Rodriquez family, readiness for enhanced family coping is the best course of action to pursue (Moorhead et al, 2014). Two reasons back this line of reasoning. One, that Miguel asked for assistance is an indication that the family members are ready for enhanced health and personal growth. From the Miguel’s point of view, it is evident that all human needs are sufficiently met save for health conditions in the family. Therefore, it is accurate to conclude that the family of Rodriquez is dedicated to the personal growths of both Jacqueline and Miguel but lacks the ability to provide them proper care.

Secondly, defining characteristics of the past and current medical conditions of the family offers the best means of finding solutions, in line with comprised coping. For instance, Miguel’s hypertension and cardiovascular disease and Jacqueline’s dementia can be dealt with using this method. In the case of dementia, compromised coping can offer an array of solution. For example, adopting both the coping enhancement and family involvement promotion would lead to the best outcome for Jacqueline because the two major interventions will result to respite care and sibling support driven by family meetings. As a result, emotional conflicts and personal suffering would be managed. Alternatively, the family can adopt caregiver support that will enhance simple relation therapy to monitor the family’s progress (Moorhead et al,2014). Nonetheless, due to the advanced ages of Jacqueline and Miguel, they should not drive or engage in active duties. In summary, comprised family coping usually arises from inaccurate information or wrong diagnosis of a client’s daily perception.




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