Nursing Essays on Florida Board of Nursing Meeting

The nursing profession in Florida is highly regulated.  The state’s Board of Nursing is mandated with the responsibility of regulating the licensing of healthcare professionals and teaching institutions (Florida Board of Nursing, n.p). Meetings are held periodically throughout the year to address issues, such as license approvals, committee reports, disciplinary cases, and policy discussions. I attended  the last board meeting held on 3rd August 2018 at the embassy suites and witnessed the various activities that took place.

Present at the meeting were the board’s president, the vice president, consumer member, supervising member on disciplinary matters, executive director, associate executive director, and operations manager among other staff members. The meeting began with brief introductions. Afterwards, the vice president read the board’s mission and vision statements along with the agenda.  A total of 15 cases were scheduled for review during this meeting. The supervising member on disciplinary matters explained the different codes applicable to these cases.

Different and interesting cases were presented before the board. One of the discussions that caught my attention was a case concerning a nursing professional who tried to defend himself against a negligence case, thus, warranting a revocation of his license. According to the facts of the matter, the nurse did not exercise due diligence when undertaking his duties, causing the death of a patient. The RN failed to prove innocence, and as a result, his license was revoked.

As a nursing student, the opportunity to attend the board meeting was a significant disclosure. I learned a lot of things, especially regarding the different aspects that may amount to gross misconduct and negligence of duty in my profession.  Further, I learned a lot about the level of responsibility expected of me as a healthcare professional. In future, I seek to widen my skills and knowledge by attending more of such meetings, as well as incorporating different nursing practice guidance materials in Florida.



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