Nursing Essays on Effects of Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-Based Practice

Influence of Evidence-Based Practice on Patient Care

Evidence-based practice is essential in the improvement of patient care. It has the effect of blending the experience of a nursing practitioner with evidence. This evidence of better care is derived from research done by nurses and published for reference by others that might not be in the know (Loversidge 400). Evidence-based practice also incorporates the values of the patient in the care, making the experience of the patient better compared to the conventional approaches used in the past. The nurse is given an opportunity to expand his/her role in the provision of patient care. Evidence-based practice demands more of the nurse than just the basic skills of the profession. It requires the nurses to utilize their critical thinking skills in the analysis of information and apply decision making skills with regards to the specific needs of the patient.

Impact of Evidence-Based Practice on Patient Outcomes

Evidence-based practice has the effect of improving the outcomes of patient care, improving patient safety and also improving the quality of life for the patients. The patients in modern times are considered consumers of healthcare as opposed to recipients. They are therefore entitled to demand improvements in the services that they receive from the medical practitioners (Loversidge 401). The improvement in services entails better treatments and increased levels of safety. EBP tends towards the standardization of practices, which is aimed at delivering predictable outcomes for the patients. This approach is systematic and requires significant research on the part of the nurses to discover the treatments that offer improved chances of success. This reliable information is then made available for scrutiny and analysis by the nurses to decide on the best course of action given the patients’ situation.



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