Nursing Essays on CON Philosophy Vs Philosophy of Another Organization

Nursing is grounded in caring. Nursing is very crucial as it plays a big role in the society, through nursing people are nurtured and their wellbeing restored as well as ensured. Nursing is both a science and art; use of art in nursing helps in making nurses creative hence transforming the knowledge into practice.  Nursing practice is guided by theories as well as philosophies. This paper compares and contrasts two nursing philosophies, Christine Lynn College of Nursing (CON) philosophy and Philosophy of another organization.

Christine Lynn College of Nursing (CON) philosophy puts emphasis on caring. CON philosophy believes that it is caring that informs how people study nursing, practice it, as well as how people interact with others throughout their entire life (Chinn & Turkel, 2018). The CON philosophy urges that people are caring and that personhood is based on care. The philosophy also views nursing as a discipline and a career and that caring is the main motive behind nursing; if people did not care then nursing would not exist. To ensure quality care is offered proper nursing management should be done, missions, visions, and objectives need to be set to achieve the care that nursing is all about.

On the other hand, the philosophy of another organization focuses on values that establish how a goal is going to be accomplished (Nursing Management, 2010). Philosophy of another organization focuses on how nursing care will be achieved and ensures individuals wellbeing. Philosophy of another organization guides institutions on ways which will enable them to achieve their objectives. For example, a patient or a client is the main reason why the organization exists; therefore patient’s rights should be examined in order for an organization to offer quality care.

Philosophies, CON philosophy, and philosophy of another organization pass the same message that is care. Both emphasize caring for patients and ensuring the wellbeing of human beings especially the sick. Also, the two philosophies indicate that mission, visions, and objectives should be set in order to achieve quality care. Patients are the main reason why nursing institutions exists and thus patient’s rights should be respected and ensured. The two philosophies are congruent as they focus on patient care and the ways in which quality care can be achieved.

Philosophy of another organization and CON philosophy relate with leadership; this is because the two philosophies agree that for quality care to be achieved then goals, vision, and objectives have to be set and for these to be achieved good leadership is required. Also, the two philosophies give guidelines as to how nursing should be carried out hence guiding nursing activities. Moreover, the two philosophies also relate to change and not conflicts; for example, philosophy for another organization focuses on organizational goals, missions, visions, and objectives meaning that there is a room for change. There are no conflicts because the two philosophies put emphasis on care thus anything that is to being done focuses on achieving quality care.

As a nurse, the two philosophies guide my practice as they emphasize on care. I offer care to patients and anyone who needs care thus I feel that my duty is to take care of people. CON philosophy guides my practice because it puts emphasis on care and urges that nursing is all about caring which is true. My day to day activities includes taking care of the sick; also our institutions are guided by rules and regulations. Through the philosophy of another institution, we are able as an organization to set goals and objectives which we follower to ensure quality care is achieved.


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