Nursing Essay on Medication Errors

Module 2 Discussion

Medication errors are known to be preventable events that can cause or result into patient harm or wrong medication use while in the process of controlling medical care professional, consumer or patient. These errors are as follows:

Medication Mistakes

A research shows that over 60 percent of hospitalized patients miss their expected medication while in the hospitals. This amounts to an average of 6.8 medications that are left out for every patient. According to the Institute of Medicine report projected that medication errors injure about 1.5 millions of patients every year in America. Medication mistakes result from doctor despair and fatigue, poor support, insufficient working resources as well as inadequate job security. Such errors can be avoided by providing improved education and working conditions as well as including better training processes to doctors and nurses.

Under Prescribing

This medication error results from failure to adhere to the recommend or appropriate drug, or using too low dose of a suitable drug. Other causes of under prescribing are because of fear of unfavourable interactions or effects, failure to identify the suitability of treatment and ignorance or doubts regarding possible effectiveness. Sometimes there is tendency of avoiding treatment in elderly people, which can result to bad effects including what is known as   risk treatment mismatch whereby those that are less aggressive to treatment are at higher risk. This medication error can be avoided by an inter-professional approach that can help in ensuring appropriate administration of the correct medication to the patients. Health providers should also be provided with appropriate training as well as resources needed to fulfil their functions. Doctors and nurses should also adhere to the prescribed guidelines and recommendations as indicated on the drugs labels.