Nursing Case Study Assignment Paper on Addressing Family Violence

Addressing Family Violence

Family violence has been recognized as one of the universal public health and human rights issues that call for immediate attention. Family violence is usually biased against women and children and takes form of wife battering and child mistreatment. While prevention measures have been put forward in the last decade, there is still a long way to go in addressing this issue.  The state should channel funds to address this issue through a number of interventions proposed below.

Toll free help lines; Steps should be taken to set up toll free help lines to the police. People should be able to reach out to the police easily in cases of family violence. Often calling the police may intimidate the abuser who usually would be wary of this in future.

Setting up community help centers; Community programs and hotlines should be set up in aid of addressing this issue; such centers would provide counseling, emergency accommodation and referral services to the victims.

Provision of medical treatment; Family violence sometimes results in serious injuries to the victims; such injuries should be treated medically to prevent further health issues. Detailed medical reports from qualified physicians would also prove invaluable in case of legal suits.

Mobilizing the community members against family violence would prove an essential empowerment tool in curbing domestic violence(National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, 2011). This involves appealing to communities to support, develop and execute policies that aim at transforming individuals and the community at large.Health education in this context would play the role of creating awareness to victims of their rights, legal procedures and first aid techniques in case of abuse to prevent deterioration of the situation. This would also empower members of the community on where to seek medical aid in cases of violence.


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