Nursing Assignment Paper on Roy’s Adaptation Concept

Roy’s Adaptation Concept

Concepts are a set of connected theories that give a methodical perspective of a trend that is informative & predictive in characteristics. Concepts consist of theories, explanations, designs, and propositions. In addition, they are based on presumptions. A concept is an innovative and extensive constructing of ideas to develop a purposeful, preliminary, and methodical perspective of phenomena. Theories promote organization of the connection among the models to explain, describe, estimate, and control practices (Brooker & Anne 17).

Sister Callista Roy designed the Nursing Adaptation theory in 1976. The aspects that promoted the development of this theory include education, family, spiritual qualifications, mentors, and medical experience. Roy described that adaptation happens when individuals react favorably to ecological changes. In addition, she claims that it is the procedure and result of individuals that use aware attention, choice, and self-reflection to make human and ecological incorporation (Ivanov & Carolyn 19).

Roy’s Adaptation theory key concepts are composed of four elements: health, individual, atmosphere, and nursing. However, according to this theory, an individual is a bio-psycho-social human being in continuous connections with a modifying atmosphere. She or he uses natural and obtained systems to evolve. The model contains individuals as people, and in categories such as family members, companies, and communities (Brooker & Anne 32).

This theory claims that health is an unavoidable sizing of an individual, and is showed by a health-illness procession. Additionally, this theory describes health as a procedure and a state of becoming and being whole and incorporated. Moreover, the model contains two subsystems. The cognate subsystem is a main dealing procedure including several cognitive-emotive channels. The regulator subsystem is a primary type of flexible procedure that reacts instantly through sensory, substance, and hormonal dealing programs (Ivanov & Carolyn 29).

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