Nursing Assignment Paper on Current Issue Highlights

Question 1

            My major interest in the field of neurological nursing is the working conditions. That is, nurses have to work in diverse, challenging, and rewarding vicinities. For example, attending to patients in health care clinics and brain injury units make it a challenging job.

Question 2

The main core value that is critical for neurosurgical patients is the stewardship. Stewardship incorporates accountability in the financial, human, and natural aspects of patient care. A proper analysis of stewardship value reveals that other values such as patient care and professionalism are dependent on it.

Question 3

The American Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN) is one of the qualitative paper for nurses. It illuminates on various important facts such as membership, networking opportunities, and certification of materials for the neurological nurses (Olsson et al., 2017). The journal is produced by the Journal of Neuroscience Nursing (JNN). It sheds light on how nurses conduct quality research and learn how to be better professionals. Additionally, it outlines the findings of different neurosurgical nurses.

Question 4

The three aspects in working neurological patients include helping the patients with neurological difficulties, two post-operative care, and finally, keeping the patients’ records. The pre-operative care creates a good rapport with patients. On the other hand, helping the patients gives both physical and moral support, while record-keeping gives direction.

Question 5

The key interdisciplinary members to include in the neurological patients include the diverse group members such as physicians, psychologists, and physical therapists. They assist in conducting cognitive, physical, personal assessment, and give adjustment reactions to the neurological nursing field.

Question 6

The core value of integrity is important as it entails respect, honesty, truthfulness, transparency, and accountability in the neuroscience field of nursing. It is achieved through building trust between individuals and an association in the neurological field.

Question 7

The most important factor to consider while working with neurological patients is their past medical health records because it gives a clear pathway on what is expected or what should be introduced in the patient’s system.


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