Nursing Admission Essay to Palm Beach Garden Medical Center

Nursing Admission Essay

Working with the Palm Beach Garden Medical Center (PBGMC) will present a unique opportunity in my personal and professional development in nursing. It offers diverse and advanced treatment services such as brain, heart and neurological services (Palm Beach Medical Center par.1). In addition to being an ideal environment to practice what I have learnt as a nurse in college, working at PBGMC will enhance my quest to become a well-rounded nurse. Thus, I will be able deal with nursing cases that are progressively becoming complex (Griffin & Novotny 197). Therefore, working at the institution will remarkably contribute towards progression through the desired career path.

By enrolling in the New Graduate Program in RN-BSN, I intend to enhance my knowledge and skills as a Registered Nurse (RN). The program will contribute to acquisition of valuable knowledge and skills in my pursuit to become a well established clinical practitioner. The program is extensive in that it focuses on different dimensions of becoming an effective clinical practitioner such as integration of critical thinking, effective leadership and communication in the healthcare delivery process. The program emphasizes on the importance of developing cultural awareness in delivering medical care. Therefore, the program will contribute to a greater appreciation on the importance of recognizing the prevailing dimensions of diversity in the society such as religious, racial, and socio-economic dimensions. In addition to this aspect, the RN-BSN will provide an opportunity to treat diverse clinical cases. Subsequently, it will enhance my quest to build relevant clinical skills (Griffin & Novotny 197). By undertaking the course, I intended to acquire the requisite clinical skills and developed adequate experience that will aid in becoming an effective medical practitioner. Moreover, I intend to have progressed through the career path in the medical field within 5 years.



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