Nursing Admission Essay on Nursing Career

Nursing Admission Essay on Nursing Career

I have not had any moment of divine intervention in my life about following in the footsteps of a parent or any relative who is in the medical field as a nurse. Gradually, I have realized that nursing is my perfect career. In my different stages of life, I have enjoyed the pleasure of interacting with successful healthcare professionals, especially in the nursing field, which has been an inspiration to me. I hope that one day I will measure up to their diligence and passion. I desire to join the nursing program since I have an innate yearning to help people. I feel nursing is the best career opportunity for me since it is diverse and offers wide learning opportunities.

I believe solid communication skills are essential in the nursing field and provide a foundation for any healthcare career (Sellman and Cribb 34). As an aspiring nurse, I have built my communication skills over the years and been able to attain excellence in the same. I am a good listener and speaker. I do not hurry to give advice to people until I get the full understanding of their problem. I ensure that I have a correct judgment of a given situation before offering any solution. Secondly, I am very empathetic kind of person. I am able to feel the suffering and pain of other people and do my best to guarantee them comfortable atmosphere. Emotional stability has also been my strong point. I have learned to accept the unavoidable situations such as death or fatal diagnoses without getting personal. I have also learned to escape gloom, hence giving a room for jovial moments.

Despite the aforementioned strengths, I still struggle with several weaknesses. Firstly, I easily get bored and lazy in a slow environment. Also, it makes me irritated if people treat me unfair. During such times, I find it very difficult to talk. What is more, I find it extremely difficult to hide my anger or embarrassment. I often speak out my mind without hiding any feelings. Although being a straightforward person is not bad, it can often cause negative consequences.

Considering that improving society has always been part of my goals,a year ago, I worked as a volunteer in a mental institution in our neighborhood. As a young person, I met other young people, who were recuperating from several challenges including drug abuse. I took up the initiative of mentoring an 11-year-old girl, who was addicted to marijuana. I spent most of my evenings with her before leaving the hospital, and in a span of six months, she was able to get free from the addiction. My deeds, counseling, and love contributed to changing her life. This achievement gave me great satisfaction and motivation for further work.

Among my other interests, I love reading, swimming, and walking in parks. I draw my strength from the quiet moments I spend while reading or walking among the trees. I find specifically inspiring to read in the open air, as it helps to organize my thoughts and enhance productivity. I also go for swimming at least once every month with my siblings and friends, which I consider a great activity both for fun and health purposes.

As a young person, I believe nursing is a calling. I have so much drive in me towards this career. I know that nursing is my area of expertise.



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