Merlen Sparza the Famous Hispanic Woman Boxer Sample Review

Merlen Sparza

Merlen Sparza is one of the famous Hispanic female boxers. She was introduced to Houston boxing gym at a tender age of eleven. While at the gym, she admired Rudy Silvia, a legend at the gym who was conspicuously training with men (Kahn 234). As she gazed at the people training at the gym, Merlen admired their sharp punches, fit bodies and champions. She was confident and determined to walk in the footsteps of her mentors and become a renowned boxer. Merlen continued to train against the wishes of her father and brother who opposed her boxing career. (Kimball 323).

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Barely twenty years old, the 5-feet Merlen made history in 2012 in Olympics Women boxing. She was so enthusiastic about boxing that she even trained in the ring and displayed unmatched skills in punching and attacking. She wakes up at 6a.m for serious training. She later takes lunch with high protein content in order to improve her boxing skills (Sugar 245). It was joy when she raised her country’s flag after emerging winner in flyweight category in the tourney in 2012. However, some people believe that she has constantly faced weak opponents in most of the competition. For instance, she knocked out her opponent in the first round in June 2013 in Houston (Toole 234).

Merlen Sparza became a source of inspiration for most girls in Latin who had interest in boxing. Many approach her for guidance and autographs with the hope of becoming like them. They imitate her determination and boxing techniques and her knack to overcome stigma on boxing, which the world considers a male sport.

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