Marketing Research Paper on Microsoft in USA

Microsoft in USA

This paper exhibits a market audit and a competitive analysis that focuses on how USA markets its Microsoft products. A market audit refers to evaluation of a marketing approach in a company by incorporating its objectives, activities and the accomplished outcome.

Analyzing the innovation of Microsoft product at the US market, it incorporates various strategies that appraise its clients. The relative advantage of marketing Microsoft products in USA is that it has reduced their average prices enabling clients to benefit by accessing a wide range of products. As a result of comparative or relative advantage, it has motivated a lot of individuals to engage in this trade activity. In addition, the relative advantage of marketing Microsoft products in USA is that it pays its employees a good income especially when they program their software products.  The staffs at Microsoft have excellent professional background that empowers them with skills to market their products.

 In terms of compatibility, Microsoft provides self check services that enable clients to see if their products are attuned with Windows 7 or Windows RT by clicking to this icon [+]. The complexity of operating the firm’s products is evident when Microsoft innovate modern use of tools that could deliver cloud without complication. This experience unites developers and business individuals to embrace cross platform technologies that facilitate the start up speed with enterprise grade in scalability. At Microsoft, trial ability has enabled them to innovate software products that enable their clients to experiment on a limited basis. Analyzing observability at this company, all innovations at Microsoft are visible across USA. For instance, the innovation of cloud experience by Microsoft has spread across USA encouraging business individuals to venture into this new technology.  In regard to preceding evaluation, the major problems that face Microsoft products during marketing occurs when it innovate products that are hard to operate. For instance, the launch of windows 8 versions is different contrasted to windows 7 in menu buttons and this makes them difficult to use. As a result, this creates resistance in that despite their product innovation, corporate customers do not rush to embrace change.

Analyzing the market of computer software in United States, Microsoft sales it’s with aid of channel partners. This form of marketing has enabled the company to tap resellers and distributors and market their surface tablets to businesses across United States. At the market, Microsoft operates directly with its customers who are based in USA by ensuring that they acquire quality services from the company. The geographical regions that Microsoft markets their products include California, New York, Arizona and New Jersey. In these regions, the forms of communication and transport that facilitates marketing of Microsoft products are telephones and websites. In addition, the company incorporates staff vehicles that enable marketers to move from one location to the other to market Microsoft products to different regions in United States.

Analyzing the consumer purchasing habits at this firm, approximately two thirds of potential clients purchase Microsoft products in shops that they view the electronics. The patterns in using Microsoft products depend on how the clients value their applications especially in providing solutions to problems. Consumers prefer Microsoft Company because it markets products that they can easily use at home or in the office.  The client’s shopping habits depend on whether they get the right product at the right price.

Analyzing the market audit at Microsoft, the firm distributes their products via retail outlets across different towns in United States. To diversify the marketing process, the firm has deployed middlemen at each retail outlet who speed up the process of selling the Microsoft products. To advertise its products, Microsoft employs use of social media to reach its target markets. For instance, after the firm innovate new software products, potential clients will be aware that they are available via digital platforms where they place orders and purchase the items. At Microsoft, they adopt sales promotions by offering discounts on their products to increase visibility of the company and attract attention of their clients via price reduction. The pricing strategy at the US Microsoft Corporation depends with a customary markup that entails 100 percent of the cost. This pricing approach enables the company to avoid operating at a loss and their types of discounts include the student discount. This is beneficial to students who purchase the Microsoft 2013 with purpose of attracting attention of other potential clients.

The competitive analysis of USA in marketing Microsoft products takes place when other competitors offer similar products and services at the market. Apple firm brings competition at the market by selling similar products but of high quality. For instance, Microsoft markets its computer products such as Dell, while Apple Corporation advances in their product innovation by introducing ultra-portable laptops such as Mac Book air. However, prices at Apple Inc are high due to their high quality products that suits high class individuals in society. The price of Mac book air laptop ranges from US$999 to US$1299 while a normal laptop at Microsoft only costs US$500.  Microsoft competitor that is Apple incorporates advertising and promotion techniques through blogging and also tweet their products on social platforms. At Apple, they turn ordinary products into new ones and ignore critics to advertise effectively. The promotion strategy at Apple is that it uses young and educative staff conversant with technology to convince potential clients of changes and benefits they gain through purchasing their products.

At Apple, it estimated sales determine its size at the market that makes it one of the largest corporations when it attains a $500 billion mark. For a planning year, sales of products at Apple Company will contribute to growth in revenue by 9.2 percent. The government participates at the market through agencies and ensures that the firm adheres to regulation of United States. Through the government, Microsoft retail outlets in US access licenses at fair prices that grants them permission to market their products freely. Analyzing the market, there are opportunities and major challenges that needs attention at the marketing mix. Microsoft Company needs to identify opportunities by improving ordinary products through advancing them to meet the competitive standards at the market place. If they accomplish this strategy, they will have a chance to win over their competitors such as Apple in product sales. Conversely, at the market there exist major challenges that incorporate high competition from their competitors. To solve this issue, Microsoft needs to introduce quality products that increase their income growth to beat their opponents at the market. This is because such products attract clients who purchase them at expensive prices hence boost returns of the firm.