Marketing Essays on Existing Entrepreneurial Opportunity

The continued changes in healthcare and the continued adoption of modern technology have enabled constant growth of the industry, as such, most new startups are utilizing this mechanism to ensure improvement in quality, easy access to different care methods and lowering operational expenses. Identifying a viable venture in this industry requires a proper evaluation of some of the basic requirements that may not only aid in improving services and efficiency of professionals but also its impact on patients.

Equally, most government and relevant agencies emphasize the installation of electronic health records (EHR) systems in health facilities as a modern mechanism of improving overall efficiency and output. Notably, these new technologies have different advantages such as aiding in managing vital data, reduces the cost of care, and provides access to patients’ historical medical records (HealthIT, 2018). However, due to the initial cost of acquisition and installation, many start-up health facilities cannot afford to purchase them despite getting substantial financial support from the government.

As a technological firm with enough capabilities and creativity, Apple Company considers this a viable venture that not only provides solutions but also increases its competitiveness in the market. Undoubtedly, most of the EHR systems developed are desired just for big hospitals with the ability to serve hundreds of patients per day (HealthIT, 2018). However, facilities such as community clinics and dispensaries find this too expensive and therefore fail to purchase them. Through the development of smaller and more cost-effective EHR system, Apple would serve these institutions with modern technologies to increase their efficiency in health provision.

Impact to the Company

Apple has enough human resources consisting of both skilled and unskilled employees with the ability to enhance the production of quality products. Moreover, it has a high research and development base that can promote extensive study on the best design to develop. The institution creates the most efficient operating system in the market and provides after sales services to all its customers to ensure that they are conversant with how to operate these systems.

Being one of the most competitive global institutions, the institution has enough managerial and professional skills to enhance proper planning and execution of the project.  Moreover, considering the amounts of profits recorded over the years, Apple has enough financial capability to initiate the manufacturing of smaller EHR systems.

Apple reputation in both domestic and international markets rests on its innovative and creative aspects. It has over the years developed unique products particularly in the communication industry that have significantly improved community growth. However, designing smaller EHR systems would require the adoption of a different approach, allocation of enough resources and assessment of its capabilities considering the complexity of this technology. However, small market research would be appropriate to determine the overall demand and the total budget of the project.

Potential Benefits to the Organization

Designing smaller EHR that can help in increasing the efficiency of smaller health facilities has different benefits to apple such as helping in diversifying their portfolio, enhancing their involvement in community projects, improving creativity among their employees and increasing its competitiveness in the technological industry (Zhu & Lin, 2018). Since these products will be new in the market and are likely to be highly demanded, the firm will record high-profit levels and increase its competitive advantage in the industry.




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