Marketing Case Study on Tech Talk: Creating a Social Media Strategy

Dr. Aditya Khare developed Tech Talk, a content publishing. However, he was unable to polarize it because the content publishing portal had a small media presence. The problem was caused by lack of visibility of the portal in the search engines and the issue could have been addressed by employing engine optimization and integrating social media strategy.

The web page could not immediately adapt to the electronic content publishing industry because of various reasons. Tech Talk lacked visibility in the search engines, thereby it was unable to gain sufficient organic traffic. Besides, Dr. Khare did not utilize multiple social networking and content-sharing websites, thereby a huge population of online users were not aware of the existence of the web page. Thus, the portal recorded a slow growth for the past five years after its development.

Dr. Khare could have taken several measures to promote visibility of the portal. For example, he could have explored engine optimization to enhance organic traffic Moreover, Tech Talk could have used SEO to target different types of organic traffic, such as location, news and latest update, picture and video, and academic research article searches. Dr. Khare could have used white hat SEO to improve Tech Talk’s search rankings on a search engine results page while maintaining the integrity of the website and staying within the search engines’ terms of service. Some of the practices that Dr. Khare could have used to improve the portal’s search rankings by utilizing white hat SEO include offering quality content and services to the readers and using descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags. Other white hat related practices that Dr. Khare could have integrated in improving the portal’s visibility would include making the web page easy to navigate, and making it fast-loading and mobile-friendly. Integrating the use of black hat SEO would have negatively impacted Tech Talk’s shareholders. The portal would have got banned from Google and other search engines, and that would have resulted to a reduction in the dividends paid to the shareholders. However, by adopting the use of black hat SEO, the portal would have reported a short-term success as the portal would have seen an increase in traffic, and profits.

Dr. Khare could have also used social media strategy to improve the visibility of the Tech Talk web page in organic search. Having a strong social media strategy would have not only helped to boost SEO, but also would have been an important source of referral traffic to the web page. social media is popular thus it could have increased traffic for Tech Talk. The social media users usually share updates on the newest content about specific themes and areas thus probably they would have talked about the portal if they are aware of it. The content sharing and social networking sites that Dr. Khare should have integrate include Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Lastly, Dr. Khare should have adhered to ethical guidelines that focus on high-quality content sharing and natural sharing among viewers to further build Tech Talk’s presence in social media.

Dr. Khare was unable to promote his Tech Talk portal because of small media presence caused by the lack of visibility in the search engines. To improve the portal visibility, Dr. Khera could have explored search engine optimization and integrated the use of social media strategy.