Marketing Case Studies Paper on Launching the BMW Z3 Roadster

Launching the BMW Z3 Roadster

Even though BMW executives had not launched the new BMW Z3 Roadster, they were sure that the launch would be a success. The major challenge that the company faced was to design a marketing strategy that was able to sustain the excitement about the product in the market until it was availed in the market in March. BMW is a German company with branches all over the world. The Z3 was the first ever vehicle to be made in the US. Therefore, the company executives were to design a marketing strategy in such a way that it would easily influence people’s perspectives about BMW in the United States.

James bond was a household name in the U.S. Therefore, by using such a public figure in the launch, BMW would be positioning the Z3 at a higher position in the Americans lives. The BMW executives were only establishing the vehicle as a cultural icon. Additionally, the strategists wanted to get the car on the agenda of most people’s daily discussions. Furthermore, the James bond video was mutually beneficial for MGM artists and BMW. On the one hand, MGM sought a partner that would help revive their 33 year old Bond franchise. On the other hand, BMW sought a premier movie placement that was capable of reinforcing its brand image.

Using the bond film had its advantages and disadvantages too. By using the movie as a premiere, BMW was capable of getting the attention of the whole of America. However, not everyone likes James Bond movies. Therefore, BMW would only reach a particular target market that was interested in James Bond movies.