Marketing Business Plan Assignment Paper on Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan


The process of advancing in a chosen career path requires an individual to engage in an analysis of the factors that contribute to his success, the weaknesses, the potential threats, and the opportunities available. Through such deliberations, it becomes easier to identify outstanding individual attributes and assess how these attributes can be used in making decisions on the best professional field that would necessitate job satisfaction. The success of this process will play a role in the determination of the techniques that an individual can employ to ensure he remains competitive and relevant in the job market. This marketing plan will conduct a situation analysis with the objective of identifying my areas of strength. This process will be followed by the identification of my weaknesses and how my strengths can be essential in eliminating threats and identifying potential opportunities in my chosen career path. The marketing plan will assess my attributes using the 4Ps of marketing mix with the objective of asserting my position in terms of my ability to secure an employment opportunity in Apple Inc as a Finance Advisor.

Situation Analysis

Significant life events

When I look back at my life, there are numerous events which contributed to changes in my life. My first time to perform on stage as a member of a band, my best grade in college and deciding to work as a freelancer to earn money. These events were significant in my life because they helped in molding my personality and attributes that were essential for progress in life. One single attribute that these events have in common is that they were all moments in which I stretched myself to my limits. They were situations when I was not aware of the impending consequences but with dedication and resilience, I decided to experience them. The experiences were not comfortable but I realized that I had the responsbility of fighting for my goals and be stronger especially when faced with challenges. These were also instances when I got out of my comfort zone because I was delivering myself to the unknown. I do not regret any of them because I learnt to embrace and overcome my vulnerability.


I trained for and finally completed the annual college marathon. My objective was to test and improve my sporting abilities. The difficulties included strict adherence to the training schedule. To overcome these challenges, I demonstrated resilience, courage, and determination in the training and the marathon

I gave a presentation in the form of a talk during the Annual Science Congress and overcome my public speaking worries. The objective was to deliver a talk on the essence of science in the contemporary society. The challenges included developing the courage to presents the talk. I demonstrated the qualities of risk taking, dedication, and courage.

I organized a fundraiser to help Red Cross raise money for the vulnerable in the society. The objective of the event was to help alleviate the suffering of vulnerable members of the society. The challenge was convincing other students to contribute to the process. I demonstrated high-level integrity and dedication as a leader to convince other members of the college to contribute.


My biggest disappointment is that I was not able to follow my dream of being a professional dancer while in college. Before college, I was an active dancer and I used dancing as my platform for body exercise to improve on my flexibility and engage in meditation initiatives. However, during the auditions in college, I was injured and since then I have not been able to move fluidly. Inasmuch as I was disappointed at that time, I realize today that if I had taken that direction of professional development I would not have advanced in the accounting and financial field which I also love.

Interest inventory

Interests I care about the most





Problem solving


Interests I care about the least





Resilient Brave Risk taker Innovative Analytical
Creative Assertive Objective Organized Strong work ethic


Negative personal attributes (too emotional)

Insufficient professional work experience

Weak leadership skills

Relatively weak technical knowledge


Positive trends in the field of accounting and finance that will result in the creation of more jobs are technological advances and globalization

There are opportunities in the finance market that I could have by advancing my education

The accounting and finance market is in need of my skills.

The finance and accounting career path provides unique opportunities

Availability of a strong network in the accounts and finance career paths


Negative trends that could contribute to diminishing of employment opportunities include obsolesce and downsizing 

Competition from college students in my chosen career path

Competitors with advanced skills, knowledge, and experience

Competitors with degrees from universities and colleges with better reputation

Lack of training and education opportunities to advance my career is possible obstacles


My success in my chosen career path will be dependent on my ability to embrace my strengths such as resilience, innovativeness, strong work ethics, and creativity in the identification of available opportunities for professional development in the employment filed. This is because trends such as globalization and economic growth will require individuals to upgrade their skills and competencies as a way of enhancing their competiveness. Furthermore, the threats of downsizing and competition from individuals within my career path with better skills and years of experience can only be overcome through the identification of an employer that recognizes my skills and provides opportunities for advancement.


Preferred job position: Account manager

Industry: telecommunication and technology

Country: United States of America

Name of the industry: apple company Inc

Job title: Account Manager

Job responsibilities

  • Management and oversight of the of daily operation of the accounting department
  • Monitoring and analysis of accounting data and the production of financial statement or reports
  • Establishment and enforcement of proper accounting methodologies, policies, and principles
  • Reporting to the management of the organization on the financial progress of the company in terms of the strengths and opportunities, weaknesses and threats that exist within the industry
  • Operate as the lead point of entrance for matter related customer financial concerns
  • Oversight of customer account management through negotiation of contracts and development of agreements with the objective of profit maximization for the company
  • Help the organization in the building and development of lasting relationships with different stakeholders

Expected accomplishments

As an account manager at Apple Inc, I would like to be successful in the supervisor, tracking and evaluation of daily activities of the accounts department. This will be through the development of an effective approach of assessing the operations of the department and its contribution to the overall organization. Additional accomplishments would include the establishment of a financial status through the development and implementation of systems for the analysis, verification and reporting of finance and account related information. I will be able to improve on the quality of teamwork in the accounts department. Through teamwork, it will be possible to develop an organization in which the staff is cooperative in their desire to realize departmental and organizational success. Improving on the reputation of the company as an innovative and trustworthy brand will be part of my targeted areas of achievement.

Target Market

My career objective is to work in a company that recognizes my skills, provides opportunities for career advancement to ensure that I am regarded as a valuable asset to the organization. Upon completion of my college education, I would like to work, at an entry level, as a Finance Advisor in companies in the technology and telecommunication, financial and business consulting industries. These industries are preferable because they are defined by constant evolution and ability to adapt to the dynamic innovations that characterize the market. This makes them flexible and filled with opportunities for career advancement. The technology and telecommunication industry is the most attractive industry because is in an industry that integrates itself in every other business in the market. This industry provides essential technological apparatus that are used in advancing business operationalization in the market.

  Apple Inc. Microsoft Corporation Samsung Company
Address Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California Microsoft’s main campus in Redmond, Washington Samsung
105 Challenger Rd.
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660-05111

Apple Inc is the best company in which I can work as a Finance Advisor at an entry level. This is because; the company builds its reputation as one of the most successful companies since it respects and values of its employees in its success. Apple Company provides a competitive environment for promotions and career advancement. This means that while at Apple I will be able to engage in activities such as professional development trainings and delegation of responsbility, which will be essential in the development of my professional competence. While at Apple I will ensue, I deliver my work in the most professional way as a technique of making a statement of my worth and value as an employee of the company. Through networking and interpersonal communication, I hope to advance through the company.

In terms of geographical location, I would like to work in the United States because of the availability of opportunities and the competitive nature of the work environment. In addition, Apple Company also offers just wages and salaries to its employees while facilitating an effective work-life balance program to protect the interests of its employees while executing their organizational responsibilities.


“To Apple Inc and for the position of Finance Advisor, I offer analytical, innovative, assertive, objective, resilience which will help Apple Inc in achieving its goal of being the most innovative and successful company on the global market.

I believe I am an analytical person because of my ability to engage in effective and logical activities especially when seeking solutions to problems. Through my analytical skills, I often seek to address problem based on their root cause, assess the possible alternative and rationally arrive at a conclusion based on consultations with other analytical thinkers. This is an essential skill for a Finance Advisor because I will use it to help the company in deliberating over its financial problems and in developing workable solutions

My innovative skill is effective because it enhances my ability to be creative in addressing different issues. Through innovation, it becomes easier to develop novel solutions to problems and identify new approaches of executing responsbility hence improving on effectiveness and efficiency of an organization

My assertiveness implies that I am confident when addressing any issue. Through confidence, it becomes easier to take risks while assessing the possible consequences that such an initiative may generate. My assertiveness also enhances my ability to make objective decisions based on facts when faced with a problem.

Integrity implies that I am honest in my dealings. Through this attribute, it becomes possible for the organization to develop some level of trust considering that as a Finance Advisor my role will be to ensure that I provide the company with information on how to invest its financial resources. I believe I am a man of integrity because in different stages in my college life I was trusted with the responsbility of helping organizations such as Red Cross organize fundraisers to execute their duty to the society.

I believe I am a resilient person. This is because of my level of dedication towards the realization of my goals and objectives. Throughout college, I was able to achieve high scores in my academic work, despite the financial challenges that I faced. Resilience has also taught me to be a flexible person especially regarding my ability to try new things. While in college, I overcame my fear of public speaking by presenting a talk during the annual science congress. This indicates that I was flexible enough to accept the challenge.

Marketing Mix


As a product, I will prove myself as a valuable asset to the organization by providing maximum benefits in terms of input than any other potential employee.

As a product, I am positioning myself based on:

Skills: High analytical skill in analyzing and understanding financial matters. These make me a core product entering the market.

Image: The image of the company on the market presents a platform for professional growth and establishment

Areas of improvement

I need to advance my qualification in finance and accounting by seeking MBA in a reputable university to improve on my competitiveness.

I need additional employment experience to improve on my skills capacity. I will seek an internship opportunity in one of the companies in the business consulting, accounts or telecommunication

To improve on my communication skills, I will be engaged in consultative and peer group forums with the objective of developing techniques of communication with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. To improve on my relevance in the market I will enroll for short course on financial management as a technique of ensuring that my skills and knowledge in my career path are relevant and updated.


My target employer is Apple Inc. I intend to make contact with the company officials through networking and reply on ads. These are the most effective techniques of contacting the employer because through networking it will be possible to engage the employer in an exercise aimed at understanding the operations. At the same time, the networking initiative will also enhance the possibility of the employer developing interest in my skills. Reply on ads will be an effective way of making contact because I will be identifying the available employment opportunities and applying for those that I consider myself most qualified.

Hiring individual

Name: Denise Young Smith

Address: Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California

Phone number: 1–800–800–2775

Other useful people

Name: Robert Iger

Location: The Walt Disney Company

Name: James Bell

Location: The Boeing Company


In 2015 the average annual salary for a Finance Advisor was $89,000, with the lowest earning approximately $39,000 while the highest paid Finance Advisor earned an annual salary of $187,000 (

. On top of the salaries, Finance Advisors also earn bonuses in the form of benefits. At an entry level in Apple Inc, I believe a fair staring salary will be $50,000 per year. This because of the innovative and exemplary ability to analyze, understand and interpret financial data. Through such analysis, I have the ability of making market predictions and advise the company on the best path to take when investing its financial resources. Furthermore, my enthusiasm in undertaking responsibilities in the financial department is an indication of efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.


My action plan in relation to promoting myself will be through communications designed for the target market. These will be my resume, resume cover letter, an approach letter for informational meeting, and a thank you note for the informational meeting. These communications will be representing me whenever Apple desires to recruit a new employee in the accounts and financial departments. Their repsrestnational role will be aided by the understanding that they possess information about my academic competences and personal attributes that I consider desirable for the sauces of the company. Apple is considered as one of the companies that give potential employees equal opportunities based on their qualifications and their possible contributions to the success of the company. The information contained in the four communications will serve the purpose of informing and reminding Apple of my capabilities.

Action Plan

Action plan
Activity Details Status
Organization identification Identify top 3 prospective industries as potential employers Completed
Draft an approach letter for information meeting Draft a letter to James Bell, CEO The Boeing Company Completed
Resume and cover letter dropping to prospective employer Develop a detailed resume Completed
Send the resume and cover letter to Apple June 25, 2017
Follow up on the progress of communications dropped Sending emails to the Human Resource Department at Apple on the status of my application Call Mr. James Bell on the possibility of meeting June 30, 2017
Training for interviews and tests Engage in research activities on how to answer interview questions Read on interview preparation On progress
Getting myself acquainted with the organization Reading information about Apple inc On progress
Networking and social outings with referral sources Engaging in networking activities to meet professionals in the finance field 0n progress
Track progress of communications dropped Sending emails to Apple on the status of my application July 4, 2017
Drafting Mr. Bell, a thank you note July 5, 2017


Appendix A: Resume



Physical Address | Date of Birth | Cellphone | Email

Professional objective

To exercise my responsibilities as a creative, enthusiastic, analytical, and service oriented finance advisor by engaging in the use of quality financial management skills in realizing the highest level of organizational and personal progress

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent skills and knowledge in financial management
  • Proven skills essential in helping in emergency financial situations
  • Excellent skills in customer management
  • Over 2 year’s progressive experience in financial management

Core competencies

  • Ability to work in different environments with limited or no supervision
  • Ability to work effectively as a team members
  • Excellent communication skills characterized by the ability to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Dependable and responsible
  • Ability to embrace customer-focused approach in service delivery

Major accomplishments

  • Engaged in the organization of a fundraiser for Red Cross in college
  • Coordinated service arrangements in the organization of the Annual Science Congress in college

Work experience

Intern | Pollo Tropical | 2015

  • Oversee daily operations of the restaurant
  • Handle customer complaints
  • Count inventory and replenish stock
  • Report to executive management on organizational progress
  • Develop financial reports


Name of college, Physical address, and Academic qualification

Appendix B: Resume Cover Letter


Mr. Surname and Name

Human Resource Manager

Apple Inc

Str. Area Code

Dear Sir/Madam,

Following the publication of your Ad in “The New York Times,” dated June 10, 2017. I am applying for the position of Finance Advisor. This position seeks to address the challenges that my academic experience has prepared me to handle on professional grounds.

I hold a bachelor Degree in Finance from American University of Beirut. I earned my degree in April 2017 and currently seeking an employment opportunity with your reputable company that meets my expectations and qualifications.

As a student at American University of Beirut, I was an active participant in several projects. In addition, I was an active member in the Science and Education society and I was actively involved in social events that were organized by the society.

I am a man of high integrity with excellent communication and analytical skills. Furthermore, my strong academic background on financial issues will put me in the right direction in improving the financial reputation of the organization. I am fluent in English and Arabic and I am a good in developing reports.

Finally, please contact me at any time for any details on your job requirements and my qualifications. In this connection, I have attached my resume for your scrutiny. Below is my email, contact address and cellphone number in case you are interested in my profile.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you

Best Regards,


Surname and Name


Email Address


Appendix C: Approach Letter for Informational Meeting



Mr. James Bell, CEO

The Boeing Company


Dear Mr. Bell,

I am writing to you because you know the essence of having an analytical, passionate, highly motivated, and knowledgeable finance advisor in an organization. I have this information because I have been impressed by details in your annual report.

I am seeking your counsel on how I might prepare for a finance advisor opportunity at Apple Inc because I am hoping to land an interview opportunity with the company. My demonstrated skills on financial management and budget development have prepared my forth position of a finance advisor. I am seeking this position with the intention of eventually moving into an account manger’s position.

As I begin my new opportunity search, I am gathering as much information as possible before the interview. Could you spare a few minutes of your time next week to discuss my career plans and objectives? Perhaps you can provide suggestions on how I can improve my resume and an insight of other companies that might be interested in my qualifications. I will call you on Tuesday to see the possibilities of arranging such a meeting

I look forward to meeting you. Thank you


Surname, name

Appendix D: Thank-You Note after Informational Meeting

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email


Mr. James Bell, CEO

The Boeing Company

Dear Mr. Bell:

I appreciate you finding time to speak with me today. Your thoughts were of great help and have confirmed my decision to gain additional work experience in the field even after applying for a Finance Advisor job at Apple Inc.

I will be involved in regular checking of the websites you suggested for employment leads, and I am in the process of contacting the professional association you suggested regarding membership.

I will keep updating you in the near future on my progress.

Thank you for your assistance.



Appendix E: “Tell Me About Yourself” Statement

I am an innovative and self-motivated individual with 4 years of experience in managing financial issues on different platforms while in college. These include organizing a fundraiser for Red Cross, helping the Science and Eductaion Society plan for the Annual Science Congress. Through my academic work, I have spent the last four years developing my skills in financial management where I have been successful as demonstrated in my grades. I love managing finances and solving financial related problems. I am an individual who thrives in fast-paced environment and this explains why tight now I am seeking opportunities for the application of my expertise and creative problem-solving skills at an innovative telecommunication and technological company like Apple Inc. Through my years of experience, I feel I am now ready for more challenging experiences and the position of a Finance Advisor really excites me.

Appendix F: Information Sources

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