Marketing a New Telecommunication Company in Oman

Major telecommunication companies in Oman include the Omantel, OHI, Azyan Telecom, and Nasma Telecommunication LLC. Omantel is the leading telecommunication company in Oman with the government holding approximately 70% of its shares. The need for internet access and communication has contributed to the growth of the telecommunication industry in Oman. Marketing in this industry helps businesses access potential clients by increasing their visibility.

The first step in marketing the new Oman Towers Company would be analyzing the market and targeted customers. This will include assessing the current trends, customer loyalty to the available brands, and their preferences. The company would need to evaluate the market for operating towers in both the urban and rural settings. Conducting a customer survey to get data such as their needs, internet use, issues with existing service providers will be useful in determining the gaps in the market (Weinstein). Aside from the Omanisation Career Fair, other trade shows can be used to market the Oman Towers Company to businesses interested in buying or renting the towers.

Some of these trade shows include the COMEX-IT Telecom and Technology Exhibition & Conference event that is scheduled for the end of April to May 2019. This event is bound to bring together many business owners interested in the telecommunication industry. Trade visitors will use the opportunity to see the latest innovative solutions that can promote their businesses. The Oman Towers Company can participate in the trade show by showing power point presentation of their plans for the telecom industry and using models to illustrate the differences between the towers they will introduce in the market and the existing towers (TradeFairDates). The fair will be an excellent opportunity for them to exchange ideas with possible future business partners. Outlining the benefits that the buyers and renters will get from the project is also likely to attract many people.

Directly approaching the potential clients is also an effective marketing strategy that will enable the company to present their interests directly to the clients. This approach will also allow the company to determine the specific needs of their potential clients and present them with strategies that will be used to meet their demands. Aside from that, modern marketing trends can also be used as they focus on accessing clients through electronic sources. E-marketing through emails and websites will allow the company to determine which image they want to project to their potential clients. Using the company’s website is also a cost-effective approach that is convenient for both clients and the company (Miller). Businesses interested in working with the Oman Towers Company can visit the company’s website to view their proposed towers, the stages of implementation, and any clarifications about the business.

Another approach that could be used by the company would be placing the company’s information on Google platforms to promote its credibility. This can be conducted through the “Google My Business” page that allows people interested in a company to easily access information about its working hours, contacts, and current plans (Olenski). This would help interested businesses to get information on how to contact and work with Oman Towers Company.

The application of different marketing strategies would promote the company’s ability in setting up a successful telecom business in Oman. Through the trade shows and electronic marketing approaches, the Oman Towers Company will be able to access many potential clients. Using the company’s website and other social media platforms will increase the company’s popularity among interested clients.

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