Management Sample Essay on Career Management

Career Management

A career management is the process undertaken to build up a career or profession for future. This process starts when one is enrolled to school as a child and the learning process starts. As one grows, he develops different interests, which lead to settling for a certain profession. The backbone of any profession is guided by interests, talents, values and personality. To identify values, one can observe his achievements over the years. Talents are easily identified by taking note of what interests the person feels comfortable and they do not have to struggle to achieve it. There are different tests online to identify individual’s personality. Once aware of personality, one should conduct a self-assessment and write down a development plan. The plan will assist in identifying a vision, which will give guidelines on how to achieve it. The self-assessment will help in identifying the strengths, weaknesses and areas, which need to be developed. In this assessment, one can list down priorities and allocate timing to achieve set goals.

            Before this study on self-assessment, I did not have set goals to guide me on my career path. During this learning session, I identified this weakness and decided to make necessary changes on my attitude and development of my career. My valued career perception is to get involved in business development and have my own business in future. I would like to research on businesses and successful ways of developing and maintaining it. Once I have achieved my goals, I would like to assist students to achieve their goals by encouraging them as a motivational speaker.

In this short self-assessment, I established my strengths and weaknesses. My strengths are in presentation of projects, passing information and managing people to attain a certain goal. The areas that need improvement are sticking to the master plan, allocating time to complete a certain event. Creating comfortable environment to nature new talents and encourage my colleagues.

In setting my career Priorities, I was able to focus on what I want in future. After the establishment, I made a list of steps to be taken which include the time I should be through with college, the type of organization I want to work for, I chose mentors and professionals I can look up to. I purchased a few books to guide me on what need to be done to achieve this desired outcome.

Evaluation of career variables is an important aspect to measure success after certain period. Time is important and unpredictable. Due to this nature, I learned that it is very essential to consider when anticipating changing careers. I was able to evaluate and change my goals using the knowledge on this chapter. It also pointed out some aspects that need restructuring and set new goal targets.

The assessment related to my personal priorities in the sense that I had was able to reflect on my needs. Using this exercise, I was able to set different career goals and allocate timing to fulfill them. It also gave a clear guideline on my career on where I am now and the steps to be accomplished to get to the where I want to be. This exercise assisted me to make specified plan on my career direction and the qualifications needed to be successful. In this exercise I noticed am passionate about business and I am planning to increase my knowledge on in this field, so that I can increase the level of responsibility and skill in management. This educating exercise assisted me to identify goals and settle in a certain career. It also challenged me to gain more knowledge so that I can be more competitive in the job market of the chosen career.