Management Paper on Strategic Management and Organizational Culture

Strategic Management and Organizational Culture

Domino’s Pizza

As a growing business, Domino’s pizza has adopted different strategies that would help in achieving an increase in its level of competition and profitability in the market. Some of the corporate strategies adopted by the firm include effective communication, provision of safe and quality nutrition and encouraging innovation among its stakeholders. Understandably, these strategies promote the hierarchical organizational structure adopted by the institution that promotes good relations between the different departments of the entity (Domino’s, 2018). Other alternative structures that can be used by the company include the functional and divisional arrangements. The former aids in the easy management of the different departments of the organization while the latter helps the company to solve some of its challenges more effectively.  For instance, in the divisional structure, any problem facing a given subsidiary can be solved at that particular branch rather than involving the head office.

Strategic Leadership

Strategic controls are methods used by businesses in the formation and implementation of long-term objectives of the institution. Financial controls, on the other hand, constitute of tools used by managers to evaluate results and track the progress of the entity (Filatotchev & Stahl, 2015). Notably, financial controls can be used by the form in evaluating their cost of operation and investment decisions while strategic controls help in deciding the types of ventures or products that the enterprise might use to increase their level of competition

As a strategic leader, it is ethical in determining the company’s human capital since they are the primary components that determine the success of any policy set by the firm. Moreover, human capital controls the level of innovation in the entity thus increasing the uniqueness of the method of operation adopted in the corporation. Consequently, the position of a strategic leader is consistent with the developments in the modern market as many enterprises invest more resources in ensuring that they develop techniques that will increase both their competitiveness and profitability.




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