Management Paper on Company Brief on the Need for Expansion

Company Brief on the Need for Expansion

Since its founding, Green Transportation has carved a name for itself as one the leading companies dedicated to transforming gasoline-powered engines into environmentally friendly bio-fuel engines. These successes and milestones have been achieved through the dedication of our employees who have helped our local communities transform hundreds of different vehicles into bio-fuel vehicles. For any business the key success is constantly transforming its operations to exploit new opportunities and overcome new market challenges with the view of growing sustainably. However, transforming business operations to grow sustainably is no excuse to abandon the company’s traditions including its organizational culture. At Green Transportation, these have been the pillars of our success.

Over the years, we have become a dominant player in our community of 10,000 people. Consequently, we are gradually saturating our primary market. To avoid becoming the victim of our success, it is imperative that we explore new market opportunities across the country with the option of expanding overseas. Understandably, such a decision is highly emotive. However, the benefits of such a move far much outweigh confining ourselves to our current local market. Operating in multiple markets will allow us to enjoy the benefits of economies of scale, which includes broader customer base, leveraging of risks and potentially higher profits (Celli, 2013; Amadeo, 2017).

In addition to rejuvenating our business, it will be a great opportunity to expose our company to a larger market. This will build our profile within the local market while also helping us exploit the untapped markets nationally and abroad. These factors will combine to ensure that we command even greater market share within our local market. With a greater market share, Green Transport stands a better chance of acquiring financial assistance. For the employees, expanding our operations will present you with career development opportunities. As a company dedicated to promoting the welfare of its employees, this expansion initiative offers Green Transportation a unique opportunity to further promote upward career mobility of its employees through sustainably and strategic growth




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