Management Essays on The role of research in decision-making

The role of research in decision-making

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In the article Graduate Student Research in the Classroom – Understanding the Role of Research Ethics, the authors focus on the essence of ethical consideration in conducting research. This is based on the understanding that the growth in demand for university education and shortage of qualified staff compel university administration to involve graduates in teaching first and second year undergraduate classes. In most cases, these graduates are often unprepared for the responsbility. However, these opportunities provide platforms for engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) (Hastings et al, 2015). This is a research initiative that is characterized by data collection and analysis that can be used in the improvement of their pedagogical practices. Effective participation of graduates in the research initiatives require that they make decisions based on an understanding of the underlying ethical requirements. Through such an understanding, they will be able to make informed decisions since they will have knowledge of their rights as research participants. Research ethics training will ensure that SoTL research training happens in a responsible manner such that they are protected from any form of exploitation (Hastings et al, 2015).

How does this article contribute to contemporary thinking about research?

Research is an inquiry into a subject matter with the objective of developing solutions. From the article, the main objective of research is to provide students with insights on how to improve on their pedagogical skills especially while dissemination the content of a curriculum or a course to other students. Ethics in research is fundamental because it outlines the rights and obligations of the researcher and the participants in the research process (Hastings et al, 2015). This means that for those engaged in any research indicatives it is important that they make informed the decisions on their roles. Research is critical in the stimulation of growth. This is because it will provide the researcher with fist hand and relevant information on various issues related to research and enhances the development of the most effective solutions towards addressing the underlying questions in research. The ability to facilitate making of informed decisions is the main objective of any research process. This explains why when engaged in research part of the tasks is often to answer research questions using available data (Amor & Zina, 2015).

How does this article illustrate the importance of using research to make decisions within an organization?

The article recognizes the relative inadequacy among novice instructors to engage in effective dissemination of course content to students. It further recognizes that the teaching opportunities provided to novices by institutions of higher learning can act as platforms of engaging in SoTL, which allows for data collection and analysis. According to the article, the findings of the data can be used in making informed decisions on the best techniques that novice instructors can use in improving their pedagogical practices. From an organizational perspective, SoTL will provide personalized techniques that every novice can use in making decisions on how to progress in their profession. The article acknowledges the diversity in the approaches novices use based on their abilities and skills. Research can therefore be used to enhance the introduction of reforms aimed at improving the quality of education through effective delivery of course content. Ethical research training will result in the development of experienced novice instructors with the ability of making decision based on an understanding of their rights and duties in conducting research activities for the development of the education system (Amor & Zina, 2015).

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In management research is an effective tool for enhanced decision making because it minimizes the use of guesswork. One of the roles of the management is planning which requires an in-depth study of the markets and an analysis of competitors. Research also provides the management with a platform of collecting facts and statistics about the stakeholders in an organization. Based on the findings it becomes possible for the management to make better decision especially in planning (Fiaz et al, 2017). Through research, it becomes possible to organize the findings into reports that can be used in taking action. The field of management considers as essential and imperative in establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage in the market. Through research, it also becomes possible for an organization to ascertain the desires of its stakeholders and develop strategies on the satisfaction of the identified desires. Research also helps the management in the determination of the extent to which its strategies are acceptable to the stakeholders (Fiaz et al, 2017).

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The topic of the article recognizes the role ethical research training in enhancing decision making among graduate students engaged in teaching undergraduate classes. The authors use the article is asserting the role of research in identifying the existence of a problem and developing effective ways through which such problems can be addressed. While acknowledging that such teaching opportunities provide graduate students with a platform of engaging in research activities, the article also acknowledge the essence of ethical considerations in conducting an objective research (Zook et al, 2017). Ethical research training enhances the ability to make informed decision on issues such as data sharing and making ethical choices. Furthermore, through ethical choices it becomes possible for researcher to be involved in the establishment of a mature community of responsible researcher who are positioned to raise ethical questions spurring recognition of the need for a research initiative. Ethical research training also provides participants with the capacity of understanding the essence of engaging in ethical debates before understanding a research initiative (Zook et al, 2017).




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