Management Coursework Essay on Leadership


           Organizations need sound leadership in order to achieve stated objectives. Leadership refers to the act of raising others to higher levels of success. It is involving as it requires skills and techniques to manage a diverse group of people. Diversity means leading a group of people with different cultures and spiritual differences. For instance, the workforce in the United States, for instance, consists of black, American Indian, Hispanic and whites who need to be handled in different ways. This brings about a challenge in leadership, for instance in the issue of discrimination whereby a group may feel superior to others.
            On the other hand, perceived negative dynamics can be a challenge when leading certain groups such as disabled people and minorities. Leaders need to handle people tactfully because according to the Hudson Institute, different groups of people are likely to be represented at the workplace.
            Despite the shortfalls, organizations exhibiting excellent leadership styles are likely to gain market share, increased production, savings on costs and experience quality management. Leaders, therefore, need to capitalize on a diverse workforce since this will increase innovation and motivation among women employees and other minority groups represented in the workforce. The Hudson institute calls on leaders to employ strategies, which include maintaining dynamism, integrating workers and improving their education and skills in order to have sound leadership. Leaders also ought to employ some golden rules and diversity training in order to achieve goals. This can be possible upon having an understanding of the global environment, cultures of different groups of workers represented at the workplace. Overly, communication in line with the mission and vision statements should be important to a successful leader.