Management Business Plan Assignment Paper on Management Strategies for the Trikon Company

Management Strategies for the Trikon Company


The Trikon Group Corporation prides itself as the leading commercial real estate company that provides solutions to their clients. These solutions are based on representing the clients in divesting their real estate and consulting with the clients to research, locate and negotiate future premises for their business worldwide. This trend has contributed to their growth in the Canadian market through systematic approaches that assess the needs of their clients. It has also helped them to acquire accurate information about their businesses and financial situation. However, despite these strategies, the company still faces challenges in the area of recruiting members who have the right skill set to boost the company to other regions. The Corporation set a 10-year plan that aims at establishing a team of 25 individuals by the end of 2014 before having a fully operational satellite office in Calgary by 2015.

Problem statement

The Trikon Group Corporation is engaged in a dilemma where it feels that it is not on the right track in their growth plan. The members who have been brought to the team do not meet the feasibility that is required. The efforts for recruitment utilized in the company have failed to attract talent or the right individuals for the team. Therefore, the company aims at getting more bodies and members who will fill in the positions of intern assistants and associates to form a solid team. Similarly, the Trikon Group Corporation has failed to expand to other regions within the country without the proper head office foundation. The company lacks proper channels of creating awareness which hinders or rather inhibits finding prospects that express interest in real estate. It also makes it difficult to find prospects that are the right fit for the company.

In order to change the strategies used in the company, Trikon Group Corporation seeks to find ways through which they can find the best candidates who can draw more awareness to the industry. This will be coupled with establishing strategies that promote and highlight opportunities within the university and college community as well as recommended activities that aim at reaching out to increase the number of applicants (Jackson and Werner, 2011). Similarly, it will also involve the incorporation of social media in the recruitment strategy and the engagement of the current intern assistants and associates. This will be followed closely by creation of strategies that will attract experienced associates to join in the team (Jackson and Werner, 2011).

Alternatives and Recommendations

A company like Trikon needs to attract the best and brightest employees through launching future talent on career path with the company. This will require an effective model that offers specific recommendations based on peer reviewed research (De and Carlsen, 2008).  It will also require approaches that cover interrelated topics that include the identification of the right people who should be employed. This should be coupled with strategies that include: reaching the targeted individuals, determination of the best timing for recruitment, designing a recruitment message, planning an organizational site visit, evaluation past recruitment efforts and management of the holistic recruitment operation (De and Carlsen, 2008). The best method in which the Trikon Group Corporation should incorporate would be external recruitment that includes the actions that aim at bringing job openings to the attention of potential candidates outside the organization. It would also influence the fact that the best candidates would apply, maintain interest and accept the job offers (De and Carlsen, 2008).

The company should establish recruitment objectives where the number of open positions to be filled would be included. It would also entail the inclusion of the number of applicants required as well as the types of applicants they seek (De and Carlsen, 2008).  Applicants would be required to fill in their level of education, knowledge, skills and abilities as well as interests and values. Their diversity should also be included to give the human resource department within the company a clearly detailed overview of the applicants’ potential. This should be coupled with seeking input from other valuable sources who might give insight on the required information about the skills that should be targeted (De and Carlsen, 2008).  

The employment brand within the company should be used to attract and recruit the best employees. It should have a strategic tool for attracting, recruiting and retaining talent on the organization’s brand. This involves creating the organizations’ prospective in terms of how the current employees see the company (Sorenson et al, 2010).  This should help the company to establish the values they seek in the recruits through recognizing the values that match those of the organization (Sorenson et al, 2010).  The employment brand should be made in an authentic way that creates morale. Similarly, the company should ensure various strategies that communicate their employment brand. The brand should be highlighted in the company’s website and clearly described in the recruitment literature in a manner that sponsors college campus events (Sorenson et al, 2010).

The next step that is necessary for the company involves creating advertisements that attract positive response from the best applicants. The advertisement should be created in ways that discourage the people who are not suitable for the positions but promote the positive image of the organization (Ree et al, 2010). Additionally, the ads should be made in accordance to the discrimination legislation. They should appear on newspapers and press magazines in order to target the right audience who range from managerial, professional or even specialist jobs. The best candidates for the positions at the firm will be acquired through this process as those with the right skill set is aware of the positions through the advertisements on the newspapers. The best candidates are those who will have experience in other fields that were probably awful for their career. They also entail specific skills in different areas out of their experience and have some form of diversity that can be utilized in the organization (Ree et al, 2010).

The internet and social media are also sources that need to be incorporated in the company in order to attract the best candidates. They should be used in creating social career centers and sources as well as career sites. Social sources on social media would give tools to search quality talent from online profiles as well build relationships with candidates. This would help the human resource department to build a robust talent pipeline that would facilitate better selection of quality candidates as well as launch campaigns (Ree et al, 2010). The social career sites created through social media creates a platform where communication with candidates would be created. It would be effective for the Trikon Group Corporation through representation of the company’s internal brand. It would be used in communicating and explaining what it is like to work at the company as well as identifying what the company expects from the employees and vice-versa (Ree et al, 2010).

Social media within the company should be enhanced to incorporate strategies that attract experienced associates to join in the team. This would require creation of a platform through which viable candidates would be required to engage in discussions about the company as well as give feedback to some of the strategies issued. The current intern associates and assistants should be highly involved in the social media platform as they can give their experience and reach out to other talented recruits. They have the experience and skills of the modern world and they can use it to communicate the company’s message across to attract more talent (De and Carlsen, 2008).

Similarly, the company should engage in sponsorship activities for the university and college community. This would motivate the students to put in more effort and get the clear understanding of the requirements in the industry. Workshops and career centers would help identify the best students based on their education and intellectual capability. The company should also offer internship to such students to motivate them in working for the company.


This figure would help the applicants to understand various factors that are incorporated in the recruitment process. These factors include: the company’s recruitment actions and whether they generate interest in job opening, the positions to be applied for, and the site visit invitation and whether the applicants accept the job. The company should have an elaborate structure through the internet and social media that defines the actions that are involved in the recruitment process. The risks involved in the organization include the stability of the outsourcing vendor where the anticipation of the vendor personnel could not be identified.  It brings challenges to the organization in terms of instability in various aspects such as lack of professionalism, and credibility in the RPO providers. Similarly, there is also poor control of outsourced processes and understanding the fact that recruitment does not imply replacing other employees. There are also differences that occur in the area of weak terms and conditions as well as different corporate values and culture.

The short medium plans that need to be implemented include strengthening the relation between the employees with better orientation upon their arrival at the organization. This should be coupled with submission resumes before arrival as well as assessment and proper training. There is also taking full responsibility for the translation of employment contracts into languages that are well understood. They should also ensure that before the new employees sign the contracts, they are well oriented on the terms and conditions of the employment contract.

On a long term basis, the management in the organization should ensure that there is direct supervision in the employees conduct from the time when they signed the contract. This will enable them to maintain a record of the employees and point out those who ought and deserve to be promoted. Additionally, there should be labor brokers who ensure provision of all documents that facilitate their working deals and conditions. The employees should be assessed in terms of their diversity and development to what they have brought to the company. This will facilitate their promotion to higher positions and the management may even hasten their process of becoming associates.  


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