Logistics paper on Hazardous Materials Effects on the Environment

Hazardous Materials Effects on the Environment

Research Proposal


Hazardous wastes are those wastes that are considered harmful to the environment or those that emit poisonous gases. These wastes can be toxic, flammable or generally affect the environment negatively (Kummer, 1999). To conserve the environment, proper disposal mechanisms should be employed. Recycling can also be an efficient option.


It is with great concern the environmental degradation as a result of improper disposal of hazardous wastes has had tremendous effect on America and several developed countries o unacceptable levels. What proper disposal mechanisms exist? What are the legislative frameworks put in place to mitigate the effects of such wastes? What are the government and the civil society doing to advocate for efficient disposal of hazardous wastes? What are the effects of these wastes on the environment? What role should the government play in solving the problem? Thesis statement: hazardous material effects on the environment; a critical analysis of proper waste disposal as an environmental conservation mechanism

Methods and Procedures Plans

I plan to explore the effects of Hazardous wastes on the environment and with specific focus on plants, Animals, humans and water sources (Santoleri, Reynolds and Theodore, 2001). I shall also look at the effects on food supply, culprits of environmental contamination and proper waste disposal and utilization (Schultz and Horwitz, 1994).

This paper shall also explore existing legislation dealing with hazardous wastes and roles of different agencies in waste management (Serret and Johnstone, 2006). In compiling the research federal documents, existing law journal, internet sources shall play a critical role. Other secondary sources shall include the use of library books available on hazardous wastes.

Schedule: my submission schedule shall be as follows:

Week 2: submission of the proposal

Week 3: identify scope of research and the sources. Week 4: Complete drafting of all paragraphs.

Week 5: collection of data and critical material for the research and Initial drafting.

Week 6: critical review of the formatting style, citation, editing and submission for review.

Week 7: submit the final paper to the instructor.

Approval request: with your permission I seek to identify specific hazardous materials and their effects on the environment. There should be a proper hazardous management policy to act as a guideline to proper waste disposal.

Instructor/Professor________________, I kindly request your approval to commence research. I further welcome your suggestions and advice on how to carry out a better research




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