Logistics Essays on Characteristics of a Quality Organization

Characteristics of a Quality Organization

Quality organization embraces the use of technology to create a change. In the video it is outlined that technology brings new ways of doing things (TEDx Talks, 2010). Technology can be disruptive or sustaining but the most significant aspect is the ability to transform work processes and procedures. For that, organizations must heavily invest in technology if they want to survive and navigate through the murky waters of conducting business. Technology potentially facilitates continuous improvement in regards to work activities and procedures. It allows easy access to information and resources that necessitate rapid decision making process. So, a quality organization must allow and integrate technology as it brings in myriad advantages for tackling change.

Second, a quality organization must embrace change through innovation. At one time, competitors will come up with products and services that are more innovative. This should prompt an organization that desires to survive to change few aspects of processes and management to enhanced innovation to keep up with the rate of change. Innovation is critical for continuity in the organization because it prevents a situation where an organization is rendered irrelevant or obsolete. For that, an organization is able to survive to unforeseeable future because of its ability to provide relevant products and services to customers.

Third, quality organization must have employees who are not afraid of change. In other words, they should not fear transition from one stage to another. Fundamentally, they should be strategic enough to visualize the future challenges and opportunities. Organizational change is an aspect that is critical for the success of institutions because it allows employees to work in accordance with the prevailing conditions in the market. Strategic employees are critical for continuity because they will guide an organization through such challenging situations to the desired destinations of increased productivity and profits.



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