Literature Sample Essay on Zaabalawi


Illness makes the narrator’s life miserable. Illness denies the narrator happiness and complete freedom. The word illness is very significant in Zaabalawi. It makes the narrator so restless and yearning to meet Zaabalawi. Illness reminds the narrator of the most important things in life. It is like the narrator discovered he cannot make it alone after suffering for a very long time.  The protagonist is forced to embark on a journey to seek a solution for his illness. Even though he meets people on his way to Zaabalawi, the protagonist does not care about the conversations he has with them. Instead, he manipulates the people he meets on his way to get information on Zaabalawi. Suffice is to say that the protagonist’s illness defines every step of his journey. 


Zaabalawi seems to be a very important person in this short story. He is believed to have special healing powers. Zaabalawi was written at a time when Anwar Sadat became part of the Camp David Treaty. This development led to religious radicalization. It is surprising that while Zaabalawi is a religious healer, he presents himself as a bar. Zaabalawi advocates for intoxication as the only way to Zaabalawi.  Allegory is also presented in various situations. Traditionally, drunkards are judged harshly by religious people. However, in Zaabalawi, the situation is completely different. Those who are considered to be spiritually unclean are the only ones allowed to contact Zaabalawi. This is ironical because in real sense Zaabalawi is a symbol of spirituality and truth. In a nutshell, Zaabalawi is used to represent acceptance. Despite people’s professions or lifestyles, they are acceptable in the eyes of God.