Literature Paper on Rejecting Oppressive Relationship

Rejecting Oppressive Relationship

It is important for one to learn how to work and cooperate with diverse groups. In the U.S., the privileged identities include the nondisabled, middle or upper class, and heterosexual. Conversely, the disadvantaged identities include the disabled, lower class, and heterosexual. There are several reasons why the American society should become pluralistic: the desire for positive self-esteem, the need for human interdependence, etc. People can promote social justice by declining discriminatory ideas, denying prejudice opinions, and understanding other people’s differences. Privileged individuals must understand issues affecting the non-privileged in the society because this can help in eliminating oppression. In Present American society, individuals believe that the only way to deal with pluralism and oppression is by engaging the vice presidents and managers who have the authority to shape organizational culture. However, this is not true because it is everybody’s responsibility to deal with pluralism.

There is a need to eliminate barriers that make members of the dominant group to feel like they are not part of the solution.  It is urgent to have conversations whose main objective is to end the most damaging origin of preventable suffering in human experiences. Oppression can be eliminated by equipping teachers, parents, and students with necessary information on how to prevent ethnic discrimination and racism, and create a society that entails all individuals that are equal.

One can reject oppressive relationships by educating himself. For instance, one can read reputable sources and watch documentaries. A person can also learn about oppression by having open dialogue be open-minded. When an individual wants to reject oppressive relationships, he/she can reflect on the word “Act”, whose letters stand for “Action Changes Things”. Some of the prerequisites of life are compassion and love.