Literature Essays on Creating an Effective Resume

Literature Essays on Creating an Effective Resume

The article on the website of the Ohio State University provides appropriate steps to follow in forming an effective resume. It defines a resume as a chance for displaying one’s skills, ambitions, and qualifications since it encompasses documentation of goals and successes presented to the potential employer (CSTW). Consequently, for the resume to be effective, it needs to indicate that the applicant qualifies for the job, key terminologies and words must be used in it. It also integrates one’s skills and strengths and provides experience details.

Besides, the piece identifies the common errors that people make in their resumes, which include the following: thinking that the process has one format to use, putting career objectives at the beginning, claiming that the references can be accessible on request, and squeezing all information on a single page. Furthermore, it concentrates on formatting the resume for both electronic and human readers. For the electronic readers the applicant should use font 12, avoid using boxes and graphics, avoid columns, and use many pages. However, for the human readers it should be attractive and easy to read, so the article encourages the writers to use bulleted lists, bold letters, leave blank space between items and fill the page. The information provided by the website is valid because for any resume to be effective, it should avoid errors and pay attention to the needs of the reader.

The article advices the applicant to write a resume for every type of a job, and it should contain the contact information, objectives, summary of qualifications, education, honors, experience, activities, and references. The qualifications should include the achievements, abilities and skills of a candidate. Listing of education should occur in a reverse chronicle with important information, such as degree major, year of graduation and the name of the learning institution.



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