Leadership Essays on Operational Leadership Considerations

Operational Leadership Considerations 1

Company culture

In the current business environment, a great company culture has turn out to be an important element that majority of employees has to take into consideration while looking for employment. However, not all organizations have the same cultures. Some of the companies with good organizational culture include Zappos and Southwest Airlines. For instance, Zappos has a good and fit cultural interview which determines whether the candidate will be hired or not by the company. The reason why the interview culture is considered positive is because the new employees who have been hired by the company are given a choice to make a decision to work for the company or quit after one week of trial. During this one week, they are paid $2, 000 if they decide to quit meaning that they are compensated for the work they have done during that period (Patel, 2015). At the same time, Zappos is considered to be dedicated to their customers that have brought great benefits for the company. On the other hand, Southwest Airlines is known to have a good customer service which is a positive culture for the company. The company has friendly employees who are always happy to serve their clients in a good manner which has attracted more customers to use the airline (Patel, 2015). At the same time, the company has a culture of treating its employees well; through proper communication of organizational vision and goals, the company has managed to keep its employees unified.

Diversity Policy

A company such as McDonald has been on the front on leveraging a multicultural company. The company’s diversity policy is identifying their employees based on their potential as a way to embrace inclusion and diversity (Singh, 2010). It is also one way in which the company ensures that there is no discrimination of employees on the grounds of ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or age. McDonald’s diversity policy is effective because choosing to employ people based on their potential is the best way to eliminate discrimination. Rather than looking at the ethnic, sexual, religious, or age background, the company focuses on individual merit which is a good operational culture that needs to be maintained to eliminate discrimination. However, this policy can turn out to be ineffective when the company decides to fire their employee due to poor performance yet it is the same merits that they used while employing them. It means that this policy at McDonald can turn out ineffective during performance evaluation.

EEOC Process

The first process involves locating an EEOC office which is closest to you where you will be allowed to file any complain of discrimination.  When going to the offices, it is important to bring important paper or information that will guide in the case. At the same time, you can come with a lawyer though there are individuals in the office who are ready to offer all the assistance needed. The paper or letter of complaint will be reviewed by the EEOC and the person will be contacted in case further information is needed or an agent sent to do a follow up. If an employer is found to have discriminated against an employee, some of the remedies that EEOC have listed include putting the victim in similar position that they have been in case the discrimination did not take place (EEOC, n.d). For instance, in a case whereby an individual was not selected for a promotion due to discrimination, the best remedy the EEOC will offer include placing them in a job or pay for them to receive the same benefits as before the incidence occurred.



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