Leadership Case Analysis on The principles of flywheel and doom loop

Case 1

The use of the flywheel effect elaborates that effective running of any business can be promoted by continued interactive and capacitive factors that help managers to contribute positively to different levels of the organization. Moreover, this principle helps in building momentum for the institution and provides clients with alternatives to the business. The doom loop principle does not emphasize the development of any plan but rather enacting policies based on situations (Loyd, 2016). Additionally, it advocates for the building of big programs and chronic restructuring in achieving organizational goals. I, therefore, agree with the post by Morris Dustbin, that the implementation of the Freewheel principle works best for any firm as it provides room for planning and organization of resources. Considerably, the examples provided by Morris provide a clear understanding of the effects of the two methods of business performance. However, the flywheel principle does not provide room for flexibility thus limiting the concept of diversity in business.



Loyd, N. (2016). Empirical Study of Toyota Motor Corporation Relative to the Good to Great Framework. Journal of Management Research8(3), 15-30.


Case 2

The principles of flywheel and doom loop as presented by Nate Gearless present frameworks that a business adopts in enchasing their development strategies. Notably, the post states that flywheel principle advocates for continued improvement and delivery of results while the doom loop principle concentrates on the constant launching of new programs that in most cases do not provide positive results for the enterprise. From a broader perspective, the flywheel effect advocates for the procedural fulfillment of different objectives that will, in turn, have significant effect to the performance of the institution while the doom loop method in public service demonstrates chronic inconsistencies that hinder the progress of any institution (Muir, 2018). I, therefore, agree with Nate Gearless post when he states that consistency is the key that helps in achievement of goals. However, in the public sector, the doom loop system works best due to the increased dynamics in the modern business sector.



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