Sample Essay on Jetblue Airways Enters the Cuban Market

Jetblue Airways Enters the Cuban Market


With the introduction of JetBlue airline to the Cuban market, proper marketing strategies should be put in place to ensure that it becomes relevant in a market that is predominantly occupied by other airlines. These marketing strategies will effectively be done through the preparing of a marketing plan, which outlines the effort that will be put in place to promote these new services in the airline industry. There are certain components that must be taken into consideration when preparing the marketing plan.

First, the marketing strategies, competition and the need for profit is one of the reasons why businesses operate. When a product or service is introduced in the market, one must have it in mind that there are other competitors. Competition and the quest for profits are the driving forces of firms in a market economy. Every firm competing in an industry has a competitive strategy, whether explicit or implicit (Porter, 1980). The edge in business will be determined by the marketing strategies that will be put in place. For Jet Blue the first marketing is building its corporate image, what it can provide. This will undertake to carefully observe what the customers need currently, what is offered and how unique services can be offered. It will also highlight on the customer behavior in choosing an airline to travel on. JetBlue can achieve this by building its financial performance, investing in new modern technologies and facilities of leather seat and above board customer service.

Second, defining the product or service, the proposed products and services for JetBlue is offering a non-stop service from Orlando to Cuba. The service is the state of the Art Airbus fitted with leather seats and award winning service (JetBlue, 2015). Actually, before even these proposed products and services are introduced to the market, carefully customer analysis should be done. This will undertake to understand what kind or segment of market they are targeting. A careful customer satisfaction analysis will also be considered. This will ensure that only services that have unique selling preposition are introduced- services that are currently not available but the market need.

Competitor analysis is also a component that must be taken into consideration. This process will start with establishing the current competitors in the market together with their positioning. In addition, considerations will take to carefully analyze their marketing strategies, their weaknesses and strengths and how they will react to JetBlue marketing strategy. For example, in the market there is the Air France airline, which according to customer review has an excellent customer service and friendly crew members. This strength means that JetBlue will have to provide more excellent and above board customer service that will surpass that of Air France. According to another customer review, one of the flights had very uncomfortable seats at the middle row. This is a weakness and therefore JetBlue should go ahead and introduce the leather seats that are very comfortable to ensure customer satisfaction.

As a company that is introducing new products and services in the market, a careful analysis and understanding of the external environment is important. This will seek to understand the economic, technological, political/legal, cultural and the social environment. Sustainability and the success of JetBlue will only be realized if the marketing team is aware of the forces and trends affecting the external environment. There is a wide range of major forces and trends in the external environment. It makes sense to invest time in thinking about their potential future impact both in the short and long term. Political and legal factors will undertake to understand the government intervention on the operations of the airline. Airlines will always operate on political environment that is restricted and regulated. For example, the government may intervene to protect the rights and interests of the passengers and ensure their safety. Economic factors will establish the economic health of the market and takes into account the economic situation indicated by the GDP, disposable income, levels of business etc. This factor seeks to show the viability of the venture and whether it can be sustained. Social factors will be a determinant of the success of the airline industry. This is because the demand to travel through air has grown tremendously, which indicates the travel preferences among generations. Lastly, the technological factors, to survive in the intense competitive environment of the airline industry, JetBlue must invest in the latest technologies through the use of advanced airline technologies that will improve the efficiency and the cost of operations.

To conclude, for JetBlue to realize its goals in the airline industry the above components and issues must be examined and carefully formulated. The most important thing will be to understand the market, products and services to be introduced and above all is the consideration on what other competitors are offering and if there is an existing gap that has not yet been met.


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