IT-Web Assignment Paper on Social Networking and Bookmarking

Social Networking and Bookmarking

Over the years, social networking has become an integral part in the lives of millions of people across the globe since it revolves around their jobs, their avocations, their education and personal relationships (Curtis, 2013). Social media such as discussion groups and e-mail offers the individuals with a communication tool to connect, whereas Facebook on the other hand not only allow people to communicate but also visualize on their social lives. In the current era, mapping social networks has become the best way to gather information and examine social trends. Also, change incurred by social media has a significant effect on society, culture and economics(Curtis, 2013). The various conversations among audiences and their media producers is a notable change. Nowadays, social media helps consumers design, select, as well as sharing their experiences with manufacturers (Curtis, 2013).

Furthermore, the formation of elaborate networks in online conversing surroundings have elevated people (Curtis, 2013). Online collaboration is essential because it creates a fresh content, more so the participatory media which has advanced to free software movements whereby programmers write the code source but can be improved and modified by anyone with better knowledge. Last but not least, social media motivate people to design new knowledge and allocate it amongst their online communities. Media literacy and critical thinking are very important since people online make decisions based on the trustworthiness of the information provided (Curtis, 2013).

Social media should be regarded as an elementary shift in the manner individuals communicate. Therefore as a web designer, one can design a profile for themselves to form a network of connections with other individuals within the service. A web designer can take advantage of the social media to reach prospective customers directly at a friendly marketing costs. Facebook site can be the perfect social network to sign up because it has many users, over 250 million users thus there is a higher chance that prospective customers are in this group (Curtis, 2013). By utilizing this site, there can be many ways to build product awareness for instance, one can launch company events, offer promotions, invite customers to learn more about brands and inspire customers to share the information about services or products with their friends.

Headquartered in San Francisco, and with a global reach, Twitter is the largest social networking and microblogging service that has empowered its subscribers to draft, read and apply to tweets. A tweet is a simple text message not exceeding 140 characters (Steven, 2009).

This social network allows only registered users to read and post tweets whereas unregistered users cannot draft texts, but only view those posted by others. Nowadays, social networkers can access these services through SMS and mobile device apps. Tweeter’s popularity has ballooned in the recent past attracting half a million users. In fact, it is estimated that on a daily basis, 340 million tweets are posted. This social network is based on the principle of followers and some call it the internet’s SMS(Steven, 2009). In addition, the basic mechanics of tweeter have been termed as exceptionally simple by technological experts in regard to its Internet Relay Chat (IRC).


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