Importance of Strategic Management in Healthcare Essay

Importance of Strategic Management in Healthcare

Strategic management entails the coming up with a mission and vision for an organization. It deals with the strategic planning of activities and initiatives so that they are in line with the goals and objectives of the organisation. Strategic management largely involves the understanding of the cultural, political and demographic changes that affect the functions of a given organisation. These changes are both those experienced locally as internationally that affect the organisation in the long run.

Organisations that are in the healthcare business like any other organisation need strategic management. This is because, regardless of the kind of initiatives a given organisation does, they must have a mission, vision, goals and objectives. Without clearly stating these factors, the organisation may find itself being irrelevant. Lack of or poor planning of an organisation that deals with healthcare will cause the organisation to become ineffective in its product and service delivery.

In the healthcare sector, strategic planning entails coming up with long term and short term initiatives that are aimed at meeting the organisations’ goals and objectives. These functions are usually privy to the executive members of an organisation.

In a sense, healthcare facilities are also businesses. They are in the business of helping people but not for free. Proofreading-EditingAlthough they may be rather unique, the hospital still faces challenges like any other business. They also have a market to grab a share of. For high end health facilities have defined a certain niche to whom they have designed their products and services. to achieve their desired end, they must apply strategic management techniques in their plans.

Carrying out strategic management in the healthcare sector is important because the management will ask themselves the three critical questions that every business must think of including:

Where are we?

In order to solve any problem in a business one has to understand it in its totality. In hindsight, every health organisation must analyse their present situation by considering their plans and achievements in the past that has go them to where they are. At this stage the company has to consider their strengths and weaknesses.

Where do we want to go?

Secondly, every organisation must have a vision. Without a desired destination, how will you even know when you get there? It is important for the management to paint a clear picture so that the employees can understand that what they are working towards. Have major long-term goals and then break it down to short term goals that are time bound. This way, you will be able to easily monitor and evaluate your progress according to the time frame you have set aside to achieve every single one of them.

How will we get there?

Come up with clear initiatives and activities that will user you to your desired goal. You must have very clearly laid out plans.

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