Impact of both Genetic and Social Factors in Determining Intelligence

A person intelligence quotation (IQ) is determined by both genetic and social factors that start from the parental time. The intelligence of an individual consist of the ability to comprehend difficult ideas, learn from experience, solve problems and plan things well. This paper will look into the impact of both genetic and social factors in determining intelligence of a person.

The intelligence of a person is manifested through many ways. They include: logic mathematical intelligence, good reading and writing skills, music, sports and dancing. An individual genetic capabilities are determined by the environment. In this case the environment is the social and physical surrounding in which individual interact with. In a situation like this, a person might inherit the genes of a genius from the parents, but the environment in which the person interacts with will determine if the person will become a genius or not. Its evidence that the reason as to why many black Americans are good at sports it is because of the harsh environment in which their ancestors were subjected to ((Radford, 2019)

A high social economic environment will play an important role to unlock genetic potentials and maximize the likelihood of high IQ. On the other hand, if the social economic environment is low, it limits the necessary stimulation of achieving a high IQ. In this case, research shows that people from Africa have low IQ compared with people from Europe and Asia due to the nature in which they have been raised from (Radford, 2019).

In conclusion, both genetic and social factors play a key role in determining the IQ of a person. The genes of a parent may play a significant role in determining the IQ of child. Also the socioeconomic factors will also be involved in determining the intelligence of a person.



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