Human Resource Paper on Manager Recruitment Plan

Part A: Recruitment

Recruitment of a Human Resources Manager can be a difficult process since the HR manages all the other employees in the organization and their files. Without an efficient HR manager, talent and competency management in an organization can be difficult to hack. Optimization of the personnel available can also be a difficult fete where the HR manager is inefficient. The activities involved in the recruitment process for a human resources manager must therefore take into considerations the job demands and organizational needs. For the organization under consideration, the recruitment process for a HR manager would follow the steps outlined in the table below and be based on the costs as outlined.

Step Activities Costs
1.      Determination of job conditions and need. Discussion among management and board members about the needs and process of HRM recruitment.  
2.      Selection of recruitment committee This involves selection of members of the panel for the purposes of conducting the interviews. $ 160
3.      Job advertisement. Placement of job adverts on the company website, various forms of print media and social media platforms. $ 1000
4.      Reception of job applications This can take up to two weeks based on the urgency of filling the position.  
5.      Personality tests Personality tests will be administered online to all the candidates who apply for the job.

Only those who pass the tests are invited for the panel interview.

$ 200
6.      Panel Interview Those who pass the personality tests have to meet a panel for the interview to determine their suitability for the position.

The panel will consist of at least 5 people across different departments.

$ 1,200
7.      BOD interviews This is the ultimate stage prior to hiring. Those who perform well in the panel interviews are invited for the BOD interviews and the best is selected to fill the position. $ 800
8.      Hiring and placement. The individual selected during the BOD interview will be issued with an employment letter and informed of the day of commencement.  
9.      Induction process The induction process entails training the selected individual on the organizational cultures. $ 140


Job posting for the organizational website

Vacancies: Human Resources Manager

Our company requires a competent and experienced human resources manager to deliver effective and collaborative HR related services to the organization. Efficient personnel relationship and collaboration with the management are required.
Responsibilities include:

  • Management of the organizational personnel and delivery of programs for performance management.
  • Recruitment and selection of employees, training line managers and management of the recruitment and selection procedures in the organization.
  • Implementation and monitoring of the efficiency of learning programs in the organization.
  • Development and implementation of strong and effective human resources policies in the organization.
  • Management and reporting of organizational HR metrics – this entails metrics on remuneration and benefits as well as those on turnover and absenteeism.
  • Provision of leadership through mentoring direct reports and providing coaching to help personnel reach their potential in performance.
  • Provision of guidance on various HR policies in the organization.

 Candidates needed:

The individual needed for this position should be:

  • A holder of at least a Bachelor’s degree in human resources management – A Master’s degree in any HR related field will be an added advantage/.
  • At least 3 years experience working in a leadership role in a busy service oriented organization.
  • Superior interpersonal skills including communication, coaching, consultative and negotiation skills across all levels of an organization.
  • Ability to influence and motivate personnel towards higher productivity and performance in the organizational setting.
  • Must be a change initiator and flexible individual who will solve organizational HR problems effectively and at the least cost possible.
  • Must also be committed to health, safety and environmental procedures and be ready to develop and train staff in these areas.

To apply for this post, please click on the apply button below this advert or forward your resume and cover letter to before 24th January 2018.

Hard copy applications will not be accepted.



Job advert on print media

Human Resource Manager Required

Applications are invited from dynamic and results oriented individuals for the position of Human Resources Manager.

The incumbent should:

  • Have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Human resource Management.
  • Have at least 3 years experience in a similar position.
  • Be proficient in communication and have strong interpersonal skills.
  • Be ready to spear head a robust human resources department in a busy service organization.

The organization offers competitive remuneration for the position. All applications to be sent to:


Use of internet and social media tools for recruitment

The internet can offer a very good opportunity for job advertisement especially through social media. For the job offer under consideration, the most effective strategy for providing adverts would be to give an overview of the job title and position and a link to the job advert on the company website as shown below:

Organization X is hiring a competent, effective human resources manager with at least three years experience to work in its head office branch. For more information, visit our website on

Also refer others who may be interested! Application ends on 24th January 2018.


Part B: Employee Selection


Short List Criteria

From the resumes and cover letters, the short list criteria would include:

  • More than 3 years experience
  • Educational background
  • Communication capability – writing skills

Assessment Methods

For the organization to get the best Human Resource Manager, the assessment will begin from the personality tests. This will just help to determine what the different applicants possess as characteristics or preferences and how this could be essential in their role in the organization. Other assessment practices would include presentations, and problem questions (Pulakos, 2005). The presentations would be based on HR issues, unique to each individual and would be aimed at determining the communication efficiencies of each candidate. They would be done during the BOD interviews. The problem questions would also be answered during the BOD interviews and would address problem solving, creativity and decision making.

Competency areas

When assessing the applicants for the job position, some of the key competency areas that correspond to the HR role include self confidence; problem solving; communication; creativity; flexibility; empathy and leadership. All these areas are applied in different times depending on the situation at hand. Self confidence has to be evaluated since it reflects the level of professionalism and the professional efficiency of the candidate. Those who are self confident are more capable of coaching, mentoring and training others to take up roles they would not do otherwise. Similarly, problem solving is a mandatory skill for the HRM since problems are an inevitable work place characteristic. The HR is also the one to whom all personnel problems are directed. For this to be demonstrated, communication skills and creativity are mandatory since each problem is unique and requires a unique approach to solution. Flexibility is also an essential quality since the workplace changes every day. Employee behaviors as well as organizational cultures change, and the HRM must be able to adapt to changing times. Empathy on the other hand fits in perfectly since HR is a people oriented role and solving problems requires understanding each of the persons in the organization uniquely and handling them differently depending on their needs. Leadership caps all of the competencies together since HRM is a management position and leadership is the core of effective management.

Sample interview questions

  1. Can you describe your personality in a few words?
  2. How was your experience working with your former employer? Why did you leave or why do you want to leave?
  3. What is your greatest strength in the work place? And your weakness?
  4. What are some of your achievements in your tenure as HR personnel in your former organization?
  5. If hired by this company, where do you see yourself in five years?
  6. What are some of the things you would do to improve the organization’s HR department?
  7. How would you handle resistance to change in this organization in case you have an idea and most of the members are not willing to embrace your new idea?
  8. What would be your reaction when an employee has been absent from work for three days without permission, then comes to you with claims that he had been sick and hospitalized?
  9. Assuming you have a busy production schedule through the week, you definitely need people to work overtime during this time, and the company has no overtime policy, what would you do?
  10. As the HRM, you will be working with other people under you. Assuming one of them is non-performing and is a native of the community where the company is situated, what would you do?

Reference Checking

Reference checking is an important step in the recruitment process as it opens the eyes of the potential employer to aspects of the employee that they would have left out of the resumes or cover letters (Pine, 2009). Some of the questions that would be asked of a referee include:

  • Do you know —? How long ago did he/ she work for your company?
  • What position did he/ she work in?
  • What can you say about his work, professionalism and general conduct?
  • Would you recommend them for a prospective employer?
  • What else do you think we should know about them?





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