Human Resource Management Paper on Onboarding


The advent of technology has seen organizations shift gradually towards the digital world, where employees, employers, and other stakeholders barely have one-on-one interactions or meetings. In the real sense, this is detrimental to the growth of organizations especially when it comes to the transfer of attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors from old employees to new employees, a process known as onboarding (Werner & DeSimone, 2012). To have an effective onboarding process, organizations ought to use methods such as having formalized, meeting, or classroom-based employee interactional sessions.

In my current working place, the integration of new employees into organization operations and procedures occurs smoothly, thanks to the use of formalized and classroom-based onboarding programs. The top managers at my organization hold one-on-one meetings with new employees during their first 3-5 days at the organization. In these meetings, the new employees are guided on leadership principles, informed about organizational culture, and what they ought to do to make the organization better. With this onboarding process, new employees are motivated and feel passionate about the organization as well as its stakeholders (Biro, 2012). The motivation of employees is one of the key reasons for the organization’s success and cohesion among its stakeholders over the years.

Improvements to the organization’s onboarding process cannot be ruled out. Currently, top managers insist on one-on-one meetings with new employees, avenues through which skills, attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors required to be effective in the organization are transferred to them. However, paving a way for small group gatherings where new employees would have an opportunity to interact with and get to learn more about old employees could help improve the organization’s current onboarding process. In fact, this would motivate new employees even more and hasten their integration into the activities and operations of the organization (Biro, 2012).



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