HR Management Paper on Teaching perspectives

Teaching perspectives

Whether the teaching perspective was within my expectations

The teaching perspective results were within my expectations since I am always concerned about content delivery. As such, my scores on transmission and apprenticeship ranked first and second respectively and were beyond the mean score. Therefore, my scoreline was in line with my teaching principles since my chief concern is to ensure that students grasp the content I am teaching. As such my primary objectives are concerned with providing feedback on some of the weaknesses the students might have and how they can overcome them (Pratt, 2002). Hence, this is one of the reasons why I scored very low on social reform since am not seeking to teach the students ideals to become better individuals, but I am more concerned about their academic performance.

Would my style be a good fit for an online environment?  Why? Is it consistent with other assessments I have taken?

My style would be fit for an online environment if am teaching a technical subject. The reason for this is because in an online forum, what matters is delivering useful knowledge to students. Hence, by ensuring that I master my subject matter, I can be able to educate my students well. As such, by being skilled in apprenticeship, I will be able to ensure that my students enhance their cognitive abilities and their skillset. Further, the results of my assessments are consistent with other evaluations I have undertaken to analyze my effectiveness as a teacher including standard assessments set by education stakeholders.

How could the TPI be useful for a T&D professional?

The TPI could be useful for an individual in charge of training and development since it can pinpoint their weaknesses in the way they train employees. As such, the model can help indicate areas the individuals can improve on and can also pinpoint how they can utilize their strengths to become better instructors. Also, the TPI can also be critical in pinpointing what strategies would be most useful in training employees and also indicate the plan likely to have the most significant success ratio.



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