HR Management Paper on Human Resource Business Partner

Human Resource Business Partner

Who are the Top People in your Part of the Business you must not lose?

  • Employees
  • Buyers
  • Suppliers
  • Transporters
  • Creditors
  • Bankers
  • Partners
  • Consultants

Action Plan

Problems Action Plan
Employees; – Lack of motivation -High turnover -Reduced productivity -Boredom   Create a conducive working environment for the kind of employees that the organization requiresShow employees that they are valuedKeep existing talent challenged, focused, engaged and productive
Buyers/ customers -Reduced demand of products -Complains regarding delivery of goods Ensure consistent quality of productsEnsure competitive pricesEnsure consistent supply of products to meet demandImprove products in terms of new designsOffer after sales services
Suppliers -Lateness in making payments -Inconsistence demand of raw materials Ensure timely payments according to planEnsure consistent demand for the raw materials and other supplies
Transporters -Untimely/ late payments to service providers -Inconsistency in the usage of transport services Ensure timely paymentsEnsure continued businessRespect contractual agreements
Creditors -Late payments due to insufficient funds   Make payments according to agreed upon plansHonor agreements
Bankers -Reduced/ inconsistent banking activities -Failure to honor loan and overdraft payments Service loans, overdrafts and other credit facilities advanced as agreedKeep bank accounts active
Partners -Lack of transparency in disclosure of business issues, especially in matters to do with finance -Conflicts in decision making processes Honor agreements and contractsEnsure integrity and honesty in business dealingsConsult before taking any business decisions and actions

Do you know your Best and Weakest Performers? Do you Have Action Plan for Each?

The best performers are those who generate more revenue for the organization, make better and sound decisions, and solve difficult technical problems. These individuals are vital, not only to the organization they are currently working for but also for other companies in the competition who may feel that, they would also be important to them. To avoid losing top performing workers, it is vital to have an action plan for motivation and enhancing loyalty.

Offering challenging and more interesting work which the workers enjoy doing keeps them motivated to do more. This comes hand in hand with offering opportunities to learn new skills and grow in their jobs, which increases loyalty. The organization should also help to ensure that good relationships exist amongst co-workers by enhancing cohesion and teamwork.  Overall, a reasonable and attractive pay package for the good performance is a sign of appreciation that the staff should take home at the end of every month for this reason, the organization should offer rewards that motivate workers to work more (

The weakest performers are those that fail to meet their targets or in performing their duties diligently. This may be due to having the wrong attitude towards issues such as life, co-workers, the organization or the duties assigned. The individuals could also be suffering from self-internal conflicts, which interfere with their performance. The action plan for dealing with the low performers will involve understanding the real problem of the individual that contributes to the weak performance. These will be the underlying issues, which could be physical, social or even environmental in nature. After this has been done, the personality of the individual shall be assessed against the roles they have been assigned to measure compatibility. This is because different personality types lead to different strengths and weaknesses and the individual could have been placed in a job that is not right for them. This will help to match right personalities with the right roles. Before moving the workers to other positions or letting them go, it is also required by the action plan to inform them of the situation and allow them an opportunity for improvement. This will involve informing them of the gap that exists between their actual performance and expected performance. Work out a development plan together with them and give clear guidelines and deadlines of the time that specific outcomes are required. Upon lapse of the set deadlines, appraise the performance together and address any shortcomings. Improvement or failure should be used to make the next decision, which should be either dismissal or deployment.

The action plan also includes setting measurable goals so that performance and improvement are measured objectively without the involvement of emotions. This will also help the worker to focus on improvement measures against the real expectations. The organization also ensures to strictly stick to the set HR policies by ensuring consistency in the manner in which treatment of non-performers is carried out. During the process of carrying out the above processes, all the steps shall be documented for reference and clarification purposes in case of future dispute. Documentation also saves the organization from unreasonable requests in case of dismissals, and therefore it is imperative that any warnings, performance reviews and people development plans are kept safely for without them, the organization could face serious litigation issues (

What will you do over the coming six months to ensure that people in your area of business are prepared for change, or able to cope with it?

Change is inevitable in today’s tumultuous economy and organizations are seeking for ways to remain competitive in rather aggressive manners ranging from radical restructuring to reductions in workforce. The major setback behind the changes being undertaken by organizations is the lack of preparedness and planning, and this can undermine the firm’s ability to achieve the goals that the change has been designed to produce.

The firm needs to put in place a change management strategy that includes a planning process. The action plan will include the following steps;

  • Understanding previous change initiatives by finding out what happened in earlier change initiatives and getting to know about the things that worked, the things that did not work and the gaps that need to be filled
  • It’s also imperative to involve top leadership including the CEO and other senior leaders and ensure that they support the effort fully
  • Identify individuals who may be potential champions or obstacles to the change by helping them understand their strengths and weaknesses. By doing this, the people get to understand their reactions to the change and in this way, they are helped to better cope with the changes as well as respond to them upon implementation
  • Mapping out the change process involves pointing out the most likely areas in which the employees will get affected are pinpointed. These may include re-organization or a new performance management system, after which appropriate initiatives to assist with the adaptation should be put in place
  • Communicating the vision and plan of the change to everyone in the organization
  • Providing sufficient support and development for the line managers in the firm so that they may lead the workers through the change process
  • Coaching and training for the managers who may need additional support
  • Measuring success is the final step that includes defining success of the change. This is done at the onset by setting out the metrics to be applied in determining whether the goals and objectives of the change have been achieved (

How does the business make money-what are its key challenges?

The business gets revenue from the manufacture and sale of sports shoes. The challenges include;

  • Availability of raw materials
  • Competition from cheap imports especially from the Asian market
  • Escalating operational costs due to rising fuel prices
  • High labor costs
  • Unfavorable government policies and regulations including tax law policies and various restrictions

Action Plan for Countering Challenges Encountered

Challenge/ problem Action Plan
Reliable availability of raw materials from suppliers due to depletion of resources, and inability to honor payment agreements Source for reliable suppliers of raw materials and enter into long-term agreements for supplyAcquire raw materials in bulk so as to last for longer duration of timeAcquire additional warehouses and storage facilities that will allow additional accommodation for more materialsRecruit a team to exclusively handle logistics surrounding raw material inventory
Competition from cheap products Reduce prices of products which will increase salesAggressively market the productsImprove variety by improving designs and quality
Escalating operational costs Cut on costs by taking measures to reduce energy costs, day to  day running costs, costs of acquiring raw materials, transport costs and other production costs
High labor costs Reduce the number of employeesOutsource some of the functions for instance maintenance of production equipment
Unfavorable government policies and regulations Comply with the government policies and regulationsDiversify production to other countries with less stringent government policiesDiversify production by introducing other products to the organization

How does the business measure success and how well does HRBP measure its impact on this?

The business measures success by measuring growth in the following areas;

  • Growth in the levels of inventory
  • Growth in profitability levels
  • Growth in customer base
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved employee satisfaction (Fard, Mansor & Mohamed, 2011)

Where can the business make money-how can you influence this?

The business should follow the action plan to increase on the amount of income received from the manufacture and sale of shoes. The business may also make money by selling shoe parts to other smaller manufacturers or shoe retailers. These parts include shoelaces, inner soles and soles that could be used to repair damaged shoes or for replacement of damaged parts. The firm could also increase revenue by seeking ways of reducing the costs of production by using various strategies, increasing market share and demand for their shoes by creating awareness about products and increasing promotion and advertising.

As a HRBM, I would influence this by providing ideas about the strategies, contributing to the build-up, and implementation of the strategies, putting my contribution in making of strategic decisions, identifying and growing of workforce to assist in the implementation and success of the strategies and making contribution to suggest changes that would be valuable in making the business make more money (McMullen, 31).

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