HR Management Paper on Beauty International Salon

Beauty International Salon

Beauty salons or spas are today a big business in the continent. The wide range of services and products offered in these industries is the reason for its continued growth and development. According to statistics, beauties salons have been on the rise have provided employment for various individuals. The wide range of products available in this industry range from personal care services to cosmetic care usually common among women. Some of the common services provided in these industries include: massage therapies, esthetic services such as manicures, hair styling and tanning services among others. Beauty international salon mission statement is provision of quality beauty services to customers irrespective of gender, race, color or nationality. It provides collaborative team work, communication and focus is mainly on the customers. The passion of this company is to provide services to customers with transparency and exceed their expectations.

The HR function exists because it provides a critical role in ensuring that the company operates smoothly. Some of the main functions of the HR are to ensure legal compliance, support company principles and meet organizational goals (County of San Mate, n.d). Just to note, the most essential tool for starting a beauty salon is through obtaining a legal license for the business. The salon license is a legal document that allows an individual or company to provide a wide range of beauty services to customers. This means that it enables the provision of professional and quality beauty services. On the other hand, lack of such documents can result in serious fines. As such, it is important for the HR to ensure such legal compliance in order for the company to operate smoothly. In this regard, customers must be satisfied with the services provided. For example, they should be contented with manicure, pedicure, massage therapies or styling services provided. Considering this, the HR aids in providing services such as communication and embracing change. Communication is vital in ensuring that there is inclusivity and transparency among others.

Considering the presence of technology today, customers would be able to identify and provide the kind of services they need or challenges that they face. This would be possible by providing customers with surveys and online questionnaires. The questionnaires would provide a guide line on how the company can be able to improve its services and even exceed their expectations. Furthermore, approaching customers personally and use of suggestion boxes would be vital in ensuring that customers’ wants or needs are met. The company provides a positive image both internally and externally. Internally, the company ensures that all its employees are satisfied with the work they do. This is possible through constant communication where employees are able to air their issues. Furthermore, incentives and promotions ensure that employees are motivated in their work places. In addition, training also ensures that employees continually provide quality beauty services to customers. On the other hand, customer satisfaction is rated from the feedback they provide through the online questionnaires they fill. From such feed back, the HR can know how to improve its services. For example, certain customers may need beauty services provided to them in their homes.

Some of the guiding principles include supporting and encouraging all employees, improving services through technology, championing professional growth and ensuring organizational effectiveness (SHRM, 2011). The guiding values of this company are to promote integrity, communicate effectively, provide quality beauty services and embrace any change.




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