HR Management Assignment Paper on Cipriani


Section 1

Cipriani S.A prides itself in the provision of traditional Italian foods that it sells in its world class restaurants. Apart from owning restaurants, the corporation also specializes in luxury bars. The corporation income is, therefore, generated from sales of restaurant food and bar items. It also earns revenue from the provision of lodging facilities to wealthy individuals. During special occasions, the bar charges entrance fees as part of its revenue stream. This means that Cipriani has three major primary sources of income.  

The target market for Cipriani is middle and high-level income earners. The corporation locates its restaurant and clubs in posh areas in order to attract individuals from the high class. Since Cipriani specializes in the provision of luxury, it does not target individuals who are struggling to meet their basic needs but it does target tourists.

The strategy that entices individuals to enter Cipriani restaurants is the location. The corporation establishes its restaurant in popular locations in order to add appeal to its product and services. An example is the location in Venice and 55 Wall Street. In addition, the corporation ensures that the guests at the hotel are given the best services in the industry. This ensures that the restaurant’s popularity grows.

Section 2

List of Job Titles

  • Director of Operations/ Chief Operating Officer (COO) – he is concerned with running the daily operations of the Cipriani restaurants.
  • General Manager – he is concerned with overseeing that all functional units of the corporation are running properly.
  • Concierge – assists hotel residents and helps them satisfy their immediate needs.


Number of People Holding Position

Position Number Of Individuals
Chief operating officer 1
General Manager 14
Concierge a lot

Activities for Job Holders

Job Holder Activities Number Of Times Activity Is Performed In A Day
Chief Operating Officer Oversee operation of all the restaurants Frequently
Step in for the chief executive officer during his absence Almost Never
Dealing with strategic business partnerships Rarely
Enforcing local government relations Rarely
Managing the activities of various general manager sin different restaurants Frequently
General Manager Oversee all the operation of the individual restaurant designated to him Frequently
Hiring of management team and overseeing their functions Rarely
Enforcing restaurant objectives and goals Frequently
Handling emergencies is that arise concerning operations and guests Moderately
Financial management and creation of budget Rarely
Concierge Making restaurant reservations Frequently
Organizing spa services for hotel residents Frequently
Proposing night life hot spots for willing residents Frequently
Booking transportation Frequently
Assist with travel arrangements Frequently

Activities Relation to Strategy

The activities performed by the concierge are directly related to the corporation strategy of providing its residents with the best services. By catering to all the needs of the residents including making hotel reservations or booking transportation, they ensure that the residents maximize their utility in the restaurants.

The chief operating officer directly affects the strategy of the business. Since he is among the individuals who make decisions regarding new locations of the business, his contribution greatly affects the corporation. His input is what constitutes the business strategy of Cipriani.

The general manager’s task is to ensure that the daily operations carried out in their individual restaurants align with the corporate strategy. They therefore need to monitor operations and deal with any emergencies that might affect the overall strategy of the business. This means that the activities of the general managers directly affect Cipriani’s business strategy.


In conclusion, members of Cipriani restaurants work as a team in order to achieve their strategic goals. Members in different levels of hierarchy complement the activities of each other. This ensures that all areas of the restaurant are working concurrently towards achieving the organization’s goals.