HR Analysis Paper on My Organization’s Hiring Process

Analysis of My Organization’s Hiring Process




The vacant position is advertised on the print media and over the internet. The technique offers an opportunity to the suitable candidates to send their applications to the company.

The screening interview is performed before the selection stage to determine if the candidate is appropriate for the position (Koch, Gerber & de Klerk, 2018). Based on the information found in the applicant’s resume, the human resource personnel asks the applicants a few questions through the telephone to know if they are best for the job.

The selection test is provided after the screening interview to determine the contenders’ skills, which are difficult to identify during the interview process (Bhoganadam & Rao, 2014). Based on a variety of testing techniques, the candidates are evaluated on aptitude, capabilities, personalities, and enthusiasms.

The selected individuals are then interviewed to obtain the best candidate. The process mostly incorporates various techniques such as patterned, nondirective, and situational interviews to determine the ideal candidate (Koch, Gerber, & de Klerk, 2018). After the interview, the human resource personnel offer the job to the best candidate through a telephone call. The organizational hiring process is ideal for obtaining the right candidate. However, lack of background verification on the applicant offered the job might limit the degree of getting the best person (Koch, Gerber, & de Klerk, 2018). For instance, most of the information provided on the resumes and the application forms are usually different.

Method to Streamline the Hiring Process Better to Reduce the Hiring Time

The organization can integrate online recruitment to help reduce the time taken to hire candidates. This way, the vacant position is posted on the company’s website in which the applications are performed online (Koch, Gerber, & de Klerk, 2018). The technique has numerous benefits such as being less costly and can enhance screening of the applicants.




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