How To Write Significance of Study For Your Dissertation

Any time you are writing your dissertation, it is a requirement that you indicate the significance of the study. This is a section by itself under a specific chapter depending on the format adopted. As the name goes, the significance of the study is meant to provide valid reasons why the study is important, as well as the impacts it will create once concluded. It is your opportunity to prove that the study will create some significant impacts on your field of research. It is also a chance to provide details of the knowledge that the study will provide and the people that the said knowledge will assist or impact. Therefore, the significance of the study must be articulate enough to validate your need for conducting the research. If you are facing some challenges in writing the best significance of study, here is a guide for you:

Use The Research Problem As The Start Point

By first identifying the problem in the problem statement section, you will already have a clue of the expected outcomes. That is, the problem statement works by proposing ways through which the solution should be achieved. It is, therefore, important that you revisit your problem statement and understand the underlying issues, both general and specific. That way, you will be able to connect the said problem with the significance of the study. In essence, you can point out that the significance of the study is to provide solutions to the main research problem. Ideally, you need to consider how answers to your research problems will be beneficial. Answering that question will bring out a clear idea of how valuable it is to conduct the entire study.

State The Role of Your Study to The Existing Literature

At this juncture, your focus should be on explaining how your study will resonate with the current and existing literature. In other words, you should validate how the study will contribute to the existing literature and why it is important. It is important for you to indicate how your research will handle the unexplored areas. Sealing the existing research gaps is an important development in the scholarly sector, hence the need to indicate why your study is integral in revamping the already existing literature.

Demonstrate and Explain The Benefits of Your Research To The Society

Any research is directly associated with the society in one way or the other. This is one area you should capitalize on when writing the significance of the study. It is important for you to think how the results of your study will impart some changes in the society. Doing so creates some conviction among the readers that your study is indeed important. In essence, you must have the society in mind when it comes to writing your research study, since the final outcomes must be directly related to some societal issues and solutions.

Specify The Beneficiaries

Aside from highlighting the overall societal benefits associated with your study, you should also narrow down your scope and mention the specific individuals or institutions that will benefit from the study. This works by further convincing the reader that indeed the study is valid and significant at the same time.

Mention the Future Impact of The Study

This is the point where you mention how your study will be part of the literature in your field, as well as how it will impact the future. You may also mention how the research will benefit researchers in the future. For instance, addressing some research gaps can work in helping future researchers to develop stronger studies.