How to Write Management Personal Application Assignment Paper?

[One paragraph to introduce your paper and provide a roadmap for the reader]Personal Application
Career goal. [One paragraph summary of your career goal(s). Your career goal (was to have my own business,graduate from the university)
Self-assessment results. [One-two paragraphs to summarize your self-assessments. This should NOT be a list, but an overview.]Human and Social Capital. [One paragraph overview of human and social capital; One paragraph summary of a plan to develop human and social capital.]Insights in to profession or industry. [Describe what you learned about the positive and negative aspects of your interviewee’s job/profession/industry. Relate the interview to leadership theories discussed in class.]Career fit. [Two-three paragraphs: based on everything you’ve learned, including your leader interview, describe whether or not you think that this is good career fit for you and WHY this is so.]Conclusion
[One paragraph: summarize the conclusions you’ve drawn about yourself and your career based on completing the components of the assignment. Conclude your paper]