How to Write an Essay Fast and Score High

 How to Write an Essay Fast and Score High

Essay writing is common in every college or university in the world. Regardless of the case you are pursuing, you must have paper-writing tips at your fingertips to withstand the pressure. However, more overwhelming are urgent assignments or exams in which you have less than an hour to deliver a standard essay. At this point, sweating and panic will not save you apart from mastering the tricks of how to write an essay fast. You will have to think fast, decide fast and write fast to score a reasonable grade.

What to expect in this guide:

  • Tips for faster writers
  • Steps to follow to write fast
  • Errors to avoid to write fast

Take a few minutes from your busy schedule and read this article. It is a must have toolkit that will help you fill that blank paper within minutes and still top your class.

The basics of how to write an essay fast and expertly

If you are about to take your exams, preparing for a 30-minute writing test or working on your essay writing speed, then you have every reason to worry about filling a blank page with accurate content within a limited time. Writing a 5-paragraph essay in less than an hour can seem impracticable. But with proper planning and proper guidance, it is as possible as writing your name with closed eyes.

The following tips should help you make your first step toward becoming a faster writer.

Becoming a faster writer

Plan for your essay – Good and fast essay writing is a product of proper planning and preparedness. Spend at least 10 minutes preparing for the task. During this time, develop an outline for your essay, showing a roadmap that you will take.

As you seek deeper knowledge of how to write an essay fast, do not consider planning a waste of your valuable time because your essay needs a structure.

Understand your question – A common mistake that you are likely to make is writing without studying the question. Look for the question prompt to guide your mind as you plan to write. Do not rush through the question; read and reread the question to clear any doubts about what the examiner wants from you.

Brainstorm your main idea – Every academic essay has a thesis statement, which acts as a compass pointer of your writing. You need a path and direction to write fast. Think about your main idea and visualize the flow of ideas. This statement should say what you are writing about in your essay. Make it as clear as possible.

You are ready to write. With your outline and thesis statement in place, you are ready to start writing. Have in mind the time you have so that you do not hand in your scripts without completing your assignment.

NEED FOR SPEED: Things to do to write your essay fast and professionally

Speed is an invaluable skill in essay writing. Not just for essay contests but during your study life. While this is the case, even veteran writers still fumble with writing fast; they make mistakes and submit shoddy work.

As a focused leaner, be ready for surprises from your lecturer. You do not want to be among that lot that cannot pen a simple essay in five paragraphs. With practice and hard work, these hints on how to write an essay fast should help you sort out all your troubles.

What you need to write fast:

To become a fast writer, you need the following:

A pen – This is your basic tool. Even in cases where you are tying your essay, you still need a pen to scribble something as you brainstorm your topic.

Paper – a pen works closely with a piece of paper. Your paper can be either for rough work or for your answer sheet/booklet. Ensure you have enough paper.

Have a watch. Having a stopwatch as you write, whether in an exam room or in your study room will help you work on your speed.

With these three key requirements, here are the steps to follow to write your essay within a time record and score a first class.

STEP 1: Do thorough preparation. Regardless of how limited your time is, take time and put everything in order. The time you spend on planning depends on the total time you have. For example, if you have 60 minutes to complete the task, spend six of them drafting a way forward.

STEP 2: Outline your essay. Ideally, before you start writing, have a skeleton of your essay, showing your introduction, body paragraphs with evidence and arguments, and a conclusion. With this structure, it will be easier for you to piece your thoughts together and write under pressure.

STEP 3: Support your argument before writing. As your figure out how to write an essay fast, think about the evidence you will need to defend your position. While you do not have to flesh out all your details before you start writing, save yourself the trouble of brainstorming your topic when you are already in the writing process.

STEP 4: Write with clarity. Be concise and use direct sentences. Avoid vague language. Stick to the vocabulary you know. You do not have time to consult the dictionary. So, do not take risks. Wrong word usage will not impress the person reading your essay.

STEP 5: Do the introduction. The length of your paragraph will largely depend on the size of your paper. It could range from a sentence to several paragraphs.

What makes a good introduction?

  1. It has to be catchy – Start your essay with an interesting approach to wet the reader’s appetite. Do this by use of personal anecdotes, startling stats, quote, etc. Remember that the reader will make an impression of what kind of a writer you are from a few lines of your essay.
  2. State your purpose – Your introduction should tell what you are writing about. Do not let the reader keep guessing when you have a chance to orient them at this initial stage.
  • Give the scope – As you think about how to write an essay fast, visualize the scope of your paper. Your intro should help the reader know how much they should expect in the rest of the paper.
  1. End with a thesis statement – Your thesis statement should come at the end of the introductory paragraph. As we have mentioned above, your thesis captures your main idea or claim that you intend to defend in the rest of the paper.

STEP 6: Support your arguments. Here, delve into evidence to support all your claims. As you do this, focus on your main topic, and avoid going off the tangent. Be specific when giving examples to eliminate ambiguity.

STEP 7: Write your conclusion. This is your last paragraph. It offers you a chance to make a lasting impression in the mind of the reader. Your conclusion should sum up the whole idea. Revisit your thesis statement. Does your evidence support your claim? Do not introduce any new ideas at this stage.

TIME SAVING TIPS: How to write an essay fast without making silly mistakes

Perhaps the main reason why you should appreciate the principles of how to write an essay fast is to avoid making costly mistakes. Here is the catch. You must strike a balance between writing fast and remaining flawless.

That sounds and indeed, it is not easy. Wait a minute…below is the formula. Avoid these mistakes and you will gain your speed writing skills without any hustle:

The Don’ts of Writing Fast

Avoid a flawed structure – Nothing irks the reader like a poorly structured essay. Let your ideas flow coherently from the introduction to the conclusion. Even where you are writing in prose, the main parts of your essay should be distinct.

Avoid irrelevant content – Stick to the issues under your topic. Pulling anything from the blues to fill the empty space will earn you no grade.

Avoid illogical writing – Ensure that your ideas and essay parts connect well. Achieve this through smooth transition from one idea to another without leaving the reader handing.

Avoid being someone else – Though you have read many articles, stick to your writing style, without emulating anyone. This makes your writing and essay original.

We hope that this handout on how to write an essay fast will provide you with all the answers you need to improve your writing speed. Like the fastest athletes in the world, PRACTICE.

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