How To Write An Article Review Paper

An article review refers to an evaluation of someone else’s article, whereby the focus is on the central theme, supporting arguments, and areas of further research. In this case, the reviewer must logical and reasonable in reviewing the assorted elements of the article. Therefore, the first and most important step is to understand what the article in question is all about. You will have to read and understand the contents of the article before writing down a review. Accuracy in summation is necessary, hence the need for your maximum comprehension. Here are some integral parts of an article review, as well as a guide on how to write each:


This is the first section of your article review paper. At this juncture, the abstract should give an overview of what the article talks about, the main themes, and the overall judgement/conclusion. In other words, the abstract can give the reader a hint of what they will get as they read the entire review. It is however important to note that the abstract should not be long. It is recommended that you keep the abstract between 100 and 200 words depending on the length of the entire paper. In some cases, the abstract is not considered as part of the word count for the entire paper. One last thing…you should not apply any citations in the abstract section.


Unlike the abstract, the introduction is meant to introduce the main concept of your paper. In this case, you should primarily focus on providing some background information about the article that you intend to review. You can mention the title of the article and the author, among other important details, such as theme and central focus. Further, you need to ensure that you clearly indicate the order in which subtopics will be discussed. The idea here is to lay out a clear concept and the direction that your review article will take. A thesis statement is necessary at this juncture since it indicates the direction of your arguments based on what you think about the article in question. Make sure that the introduction is not so expansive since the main points will be discussed in the subsequent sections.

Body Paragraphs

Now, this is the main section whereby you will be required to write your article review in details. First, you will have identified the key points to discuss depending on the chosen perspective. Each point should be discussed in a separate paragraph. Begin with writing a topic sentence for each paragraph, followed by facts and issues pinpointed from the article. Thereafter, justify your perspective with reference to the point that you have discussed. The idea here is to be as clear as possible. Make sure that you support your arguments with citations, particularly where secondary data has been used. You are allowed to cite contents from the article being reviewed as well.


At this juncture, you should make a summary of what you have covered in the article. In essence, you should lightly touch on each point while restating the thesis statement. It is also recommended that you briefly state your rationale in reviewing the article. That way, you will have fully justified the contents of your article review.


This section requires you to attribute all secondary information to the source. The list of references should appear in the last separate page of your paper. You need to abide by the provided standards in creating the list of references.