How To Write A Survey Research Paper

A survey paper marks the beginning of your research journey. As a student, you are expected to work on a research project that will not only be commanding, but also fully supported with the necessary information and facts. It is for this reason that you will be required to work on your survey paper before you begin your research project. The idea in writing a survey research is to first understand the domain of the research in a thorough manner. Secondly, a survey paper enables the researcher to identify the existing research gaps and what can be done to address them. Thirdly, a survey paper works by allowing the researcher to define the infrastructure and data set requirements in readiness for the major project. In case you are stranded in writing your survey paper, here are some ideas to help you through:

Define The Target Research Population or Sample Size

The primary thing you should do before you even define your target population is articulating the research question. In this case, the research question should be in a manner that the target audience is adequately defined and identified. You must, therefore, determine the exact person or people you would want to include in the survey. Make sure that the target population is defined based on definitive elements such as location, gender, age, and other special traits. Specificity is a major element that you must include when defining the target population.

Decide on The Type of Survey

It is important for you to ensure that you work with a specific type of survey in order to avoid inconsistencies in your research and the main project in the future. A survey comes in two different forms- questionnaire and interview. In a questionnaire survey, a list of questions is distributed to individuals for them to fill them out. On the other hand, an interview entails a one-on-one session with the interviewer whereby questions and responses are exchanged directly. The best-suited survey for your research should be selected.

Design Survey Questions

It is important to note the kind of questions you need for your survey should be in line with the topic and the main research question you developed when identifying the population. In this case, you need to ensure that the right type of questions are formulated. You can work with open or close-ended questions depending on the research. You also must ensure that the content of the question is adequate enough to spark the expected responses. The phrasing of the question must also be done in the right way to avoid any ambiguity.

Distribute the Survey in Readiness For Responses

Now that you have managed to develop the research and survey questions, it is the right time to distribute them to the respective audience or the target population. It is, however, important to begin by determining where, how, when, and with whom you will conduct the survey. In this case, a strategic roadmap of distributing the survey is needed. If you are satisfied that the right content is accounted for in your questions, you can proceed to distribute them and then collect responses.

Analyze Results and Write Details

This marks the final step of your survey research paper. At this juncture, you will have generated adequate responses from your target audience. Therefore, you will be required to analyze the results in line with the research questions. Having conducted a clear analysis, you should proceed to write the results in a coherent and clear manner. Make sure that the questions used in the research are provided in full under the appendix section.