How To Write A Speech Assignment

Imagine you have been provided with a speech writing assignment and you do not have enough knowledge on what should done to achieve a stellar submission. That would put your grades in total jeopardy. What you need is some guidance on what you should do in order to achieve the best speech.

Is There Any Speech Format?

Ideally, a speech is more of a traditional essay as far as format is concerned. In other words, there has to be an introduction, body, and the conclusion. However, the tone in which the speech is written is personalized and not as formal as that of traditional essays. You need to have the following rules in mind to ensure that the speech you develop is indeed the very best:

  • Adopt A Chronological Order- a chronological order in speech writing can be viewed as an arrangement of points in order of importance or priority. Some may prefer the inverted pyramid format (begin with the most important to the least important), while others may adopt the upright pyramid format (begin with least to the most important). The idea is to maintain a chronological order.
  • One Point at A Time- Your speech should be arranged in terms of points, whereby each point should be discussed at a time. Doing so creates room for ample clarity for the target audience.
  • Adopt Cause-Effect Pattern- This pattern seeks to identify the causes of a specific situation, as well as the effects.

The above rules are integral in ensuring that your speech is strong, commanding, and most importantly, appealing. The idea is to ensure effective communication for easy understanding for the target audience.

Components of A Professional Speech

Any time you are writing a professional speech, make sure that you have accounted for all the necessary elements and components, failure to which the speech may be incomplete. Here are the key components you should include in your speech:

Preliminary Preparations

The most important step in creating a speech is preparation. At this juncture, you must first seek to familiarize with the topic of your speech. Secondly, you must ensure that the target audience is identified and understood. That way, you will prepare a speech that meets the interests of the target audience. Third, you should determine the purpose of the speech. Finally, now that you have a clear understanding of the target audience and the purpose of the speech, you should decide on how you will convey the message effectively.


The introduction is meant to hook the listeners’ attention. Therefore, you should have a clear hook sentence, followed by background information/topic overview, and finally, the thesis statement. Make sure that all the three elements are clear and professionally articulated.

The Middle/Body

At this juncture, the focus must be within the speech topic, particularly the thesis statement. Ensure a transitional effect from the introduction to the subsequent body paragraphs. There should be a clear connection between the points you present and the thesis statement in your introduction. To enhance your speech, you can consider applying some examples containing detailed information. Supporting information for your arguments is also necessary in the body paragraphs.

The End/Conclusion

Here, you are required to offer a clear and concise summary of the points presented in the body section. A good speech provides a call-to-action at the end as a way of challenging the listeners to take action.