How To Write A Movie Review Paper

Are you a student in media, production, film, or any other related area? If yes, you are likely to come across an assignment that requires you to review a movie. As the name goes, a movie review is a task that requires you to write about a movie with respect to the synopsis, theme, concept, and characters, among other key elements. In this case, you are supposed to provide a standpoint on what you think about the movie. Note that this is not a critic but a review. Therefore, you need to be centered on the contents of the movie, as well as what the developer would have done. A successful movie review requires a lot of articulation and strategy. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to write a good movie review paper:

The Introduction

In this section, you are supposed to write background information about the movie you intend to review. It is at this juncture that you will familiarize the readers with the movie in question by providing adequate identification details. Make sure that you are clear enough when providing the details. The key information that you should provide includes the title of the movie, the release date, filmmakers, film company, the main actors, and the film budget, among others. The idea here is to make sure that the reader of the review knows what you are handling.


You must realize that your review is meant to inform a reader about a movie with the assumption that they have never watched it before. This, therefore, means that your summary of the movie must be thorough enough to capture literary everything that the movie entails. At this juncture, it would be important to capitalize on the movie’s plot, characters, and the manner in which they interact with each other. You can also mention some themes in the summary section as a way of enlightening the reader on what the central focus is. It should be easy for the reader to understand what the movie is all about through the summary even without watching it.

Movie Analysis

This section takes the center stage of your movie review. Your analytical skills will be needed in this case. You will begin by analyzing the plot elements. The plot elements should include the starting point, the rising action, and the climax. Make sure that you clearly describe each of the elements fully and clearly.

The second analysis should be focused on the creative elements. In this case, you should consider elements such as dialogues, characters, techniques, moods, costumes, and camera techniques, among others. Anything that contributes to the overall plot should be addressed under this section.

The third analysis should be based on the main topic of the movie, as well as how it is implemented. In essence, you should consider the viewers’ understanding of the topic, the relevance, and how it compares with other similar works.


Note that a movie review is based on an individual’s opinion, particularly what you think about the contents. Therefore, this section will bring out the opinion that you hold based on the integral elements of the movie. Your point of view in this case should be supported with examples and facts.


The conclusion should project a summary of what you think about the movie. Additionally, you can point out if the filmmaker was successful in his/her purpose. Markedly, this can be coupled up with emphasis on how the movie prompted deeper understanding of the primary themes and concepts to the audience.