How To Write a Dissertation Title

Writing a dissertation title may seem to be the simplest task you can ever do. However, everything is not as simple as it seems. There is more to creating an effective dissertation title than just coming up with a collection of words. You need to understand that the primary role of a dissertation title is to provide the reader with a clear message of what the paper is all about. Therefore, you must be articulate and strategic in creating a title that will work perfectly for your dissertation. It is also important to note that the title of your dissertation must grab the attention of your readers, as well as be as informative as possible. Therefore, it is not just a matter of having an idea of what your research will cover but rather being even articulate and strategic. Follow these tips and get an idea of how to write the best dissertation title:

Show The Topic and Focus

The prime focus of the title of your dissertation is to showcase what exactly you are working on. This is where you are supposed to establish the topic and focus of your dissertation. The topic, in this case, is the general area or the subject matter. On the other hand, the focus is the specific area that you wish to cover or the perspective that your paper will take.

Uphold Maximum Clarity

The last thing you want is to lose your readers even before they read the main content of your dissertation. It is possible for the readers to get lost in the process, especially when the topic is projected in unclear manner. In this case, you need to avoid being ambiguous or obscure when writing your topic. You must also avoid anything that can make your title vague, as this can leave your readers hanging or even more confused. Therefore, your prime focus should be on using simple yet professional language when structuring your title.

Include The Approach

It would even work better if your dissertation title covers the approach that you will use while embarking on your research. In doing so, you will have prepared the readers on what to expect as they read through the dissertation. An approach is basically the perspective or model that will be used in validating the research. For instance, the title of a dissertation can be framed as follows; ‘Issues facing law practice in USA: A quantitative survey of law firms in Texas.’ The second part of the stated example is the approach that the researcher will use while undertaking the study.

Uphold Relevance

In this case, the title you have created should be contextual to the contents of your dissertation. In this case, you might be required to tune your title after you have handled the other sections in order to maintain context and relevance. Make sure that the title does not in any way conflict with the content of your dissertation.

Keep it Moderate In Length

It is highly recommended that you should keep your title not too long and not too short. Moderate length is just fine as long as the title accounts for all the necessary elements. Aside from that, you should avoid being too broad in your title. In other words, the title must be brief and concise.