How To Write A Critical Thinking Essay

A critical thinking essay, as the term goes, is an academic paper that is purely meant to test the critical thinking capacity of a student. In this case, you are expected to come up with a complex system of judgement that will assist in effectively analyzing information, and eventually, come up with valid conclusions. Moreover, a critical thinking paper capitalizes on creating assessments of the different events and circumstances, and eventually, interpret them. Therefore, critical thinking essay is meant to exhibit high-level thinking, which makes it possible to raise concerns and questions regarding incoming information. When writing a critical thinking essay, you must acknowledge that every text must be in a defined format and structure. In addition, there must be a clear focus on what the essay covers. To assist you in developing a strong critical thinking paper, here is what you should do:

Use The Recommended Essay Structure

Considering that this is an essay, you should abide by the recommended structure always. This means that you should have the introduction, body, and the conclusion. Under the introduction, you must include the background information, which gives readers an overview of what the topic is all about. Further, you should develop a thesis statement that defines the landscape of your essay. Write all body paragraphs with reference to the thesis statement, cite where necessary, and make your justifications. Finally, you will be required to develop a conclusion to summarize your arguments. Make sure that the thesis statement is restated in the conclusion as a way of linking the conclusion with the thesis statement and the central topic.

Gather Information

All arguments that you intend to make in your critical thinking essay must be adequately backed with the necessary resources. The most important step, therefore, is to gather information that will be used in justifying your arguments. Recall the existing knowledge and what you already know about the topic. In an instance whereby the critical thinking task is all about analyzing certain text, then make sure that you attentively read through everything before writing anything. You may write down the list of questions that you would consider when reading through the text. Most importantly, you can take some notes as you read through the information to ensure that you have a smooth experience when writing down your paper.

Analyze Information

Part of a critical thinking task requires you to apply your analysis skills in ensuring that you understand the content of what you intend to write about. At this juncture, you should be keen on the evidence that you have gathered, the underlying arguments, and specific claims that can influence your research. Additionally, you must consider the underlying strengths and weaknesses while pointing out how they relate with each other. The process of analyzing your information must be thorough and should account for all aspects. In other words, there should be absolutely no contravening gaps in your critical thinking paper. Rather, the paper should be conclusive and amply justified with facts and evidence.

Review Contexts

At this point, you should consider the approach used by the author of the text under review. In essence, it is important to establish whether or not the author was ideological. Further, you should consider how your perspective on the text in question may be influenced by personal traits, such as culture and biases. That way, you will be able to apply critical thinking skills with impartiality. Before coming up with a personal viewpoint, ensure that you have eliminated aspects that may compromise the overall results of your critical thinking essay.